Tiny House in a Landscape

Although this picture is a little dark around the cabin or barn, not for sure what it is used for. I love the setting and thought it fit well into the Tiny House in a Landscape feature.

I love evergreens and cloudy skies and a cabin in a meadow just fits the scene perfectly. I don’t know where this was taken but I would be very content to live in such surroundings. How about you?

5 Comments Tiny House in a Landscape

  1. Carol

    I am with you there, this would be an ideal setting to live in. It is picture perfect, all you would need is a nice meandering stream nearby and HEAVEN on earth.

  2. Laura

    It is a beautiful setting!!! It looks so, so peaceful!!

    I think that is what draws me to the tiny houses…it’s more about living outside your four walls than spending time inside cavernous homes.

    Whether or not this is a home or barn, to me it captures the essence of tiny homes!! :)


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