Tiny House in a Landscape

Tiny House in a Landscape


This Tiny House in a Landscape features two of my favorite things when it comes to my own personal photography. I love shooting landscapes on a day when blue sky and big fluffy clouds abound. The contrast always makes for a beautiful picture.

One of my other favorite items to photograph are flowers and this pictures uses a wide angle lens to get up close to the flowers and lead your eye to the main subject, the little house. What a peaceful setting to relax and enjoy life.


  1. Although I enjoy the awesome pictures in “Tiny House in a Landscape, it sort of annoys me due to the fact I want more info on these perplexing pictures, I find myself wanting to know “Who Lives there” and if there is running water, a septic, what are the taxes, is it in the USA, how much did it cost to build? I am OBVIOUSLY just too damn nosey for my own good, but not afraid to admit my over-curious nature. “Mr. Nosey”

  2. Beautifully done. Photography is one of my passions and also use clouds and plant life in my compositions. Thank you for sharing.