Tiny House in a Landscape

I have been wanting to showcase this Tiny House in a Landscape for some time but it kept getting bumped. This scene is not one of peace but shows strength in a very harsh landscape. I think that may be why I like it so much.

The cabin is a basic structure of stone and the roof looks like it is slate. It appears to be in Nepal or some other harsh mountain landscape. I’m sure winds are very strong and the rock walls and slate roof help hold it together.

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Dwight - May 15, 2010 Reply

I hope they don’t have an earthquake.

seth - May 15, 2010 Reply

yup, nepal. in front of a peak called tawoche. i took the same pic when i was there. amazing place.

Cheryl - May 15, 2010 Reply

I thought Nepal too. Forbidding but starkly beautiful place.

Bonnie - May 16, 2010 Reply

Golly. Not only does this look like it’s on another planet, but there seems to be a large angel coming down from the sky.

seth - May 16, 2010 Reply

The homes are still used as summer homes for nomads, which is pretty neat. Unfortunately you can’t see the “big” mountains that the cloulds are blurring out. What you see is actually on the foothills of the Tawoche and Cholatse.

That cloud angel is pretty cool!

Benjamin - May 16, 2010 Reply

I think the ‘cloud of angels’ is a snowy mountain showing through the gray clouds.

Kathleen - May 17, 2010 Reply

Did you see the angel (or two) on top of the mountain?? Place must be blessed. Fantastic!!!

David Neeley - May 21, 2010 Reply


Several of the photos in this article seem to be good candidates for this feature:


Nerida - April 30, 2011 Reply

A great example of genius loci. This is what I love, a home that grew out of the land on which it stands.

katee - November 3, 2013 Reply

Thank you for letting us know where it is, I am hoping to go to Nepal in the future, count down to my retirement day~

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