Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on April 17th, 2010. 12 Comments
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This stone cottage is nestled into the side of a hillside. With lush green grass and an old stone wall running beside the cottage. I like the huge rock sitting beside the house as it is like a buffer zone to what could be a windy hillside.

This is another photo without any details of origin. It looks European to me but as always I am open to suggestions or if any one know who the photographer is and location, please let me know and I will post it here.

April 17th, 2010and filed in Tiny House Landscape
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12 Responses to “Tiny House in a Landscape”

  1. Oh. My. You know, I think this series should be up for an award. These nostalgic photos pull at the heartstrings. They evoke the yearning for home together with the awe of nature’s sublime beauty.

  2. Steve Hathaway says:

    A title suggestion: “The House of Rock”

    –but also, the look of it, there with the giant boulder and the walls running up to it, makes the house look like something naturally occuring; another natural feature of that valley.

  3. Delightful photo!
    The architecture of the house, the slate roof and the lovely green surroundings reminds me the north of Spain: Galicia or the nearby Asturias…

  4. KC says:

    Southern France / Northern Italy ?

  5. Scott says:

    Must be Italy, yeah, Italy.

  6. I love the way you put the wall in the center of the frame – it really highlights the whole structure. Wonderful tiny home.

  7. elise says:

    I guess dreams really do come true! How perfectly beautiful.
    Thanks for the posting.

  8. Lisa says:

    My guess is the Highlands in Scotland or maybe in Ireland somewhere. They have a many mountains and stone walls in the Highlands.

  9. one can always dream….

  10. cabalist says:

    Italy. The style really looks like northern Italy.

  11. Philippe says:

    Seeing this photo, I imagine at my home where houses are covered with lauzes, identical architecture, every day I see them… On the Magic LARZAC plateau. The South of France

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