Tiny House in a Landscape

Adam Nash Photo

Adam Nash photographed this beautiful photo this week. Here is what he says: I took this photo up near Mt. Baker Ski Area in the Washington Cascades. It appears that this small A-frame (potentially a tiny home) has an incredible one-of-a-kind view of Mt. Shuksan. It doesn’t get any more idyllic.

The bloggable part of this scene is the ‘tiny home’ on the hill. A home with a window looking out at the whole Mt. Shuksan massif 24/7. For me a window is infinitely better than any framed piece of art on the wall. It glows! It radiates! Its like a backlit, ever appropriately changing, landscape photograph. It never feels wrong.

No one, in a house of a natural setting, ever said, “I wish there were less windows.”

Given the opportunity to live here with an original Ansel Adams print hanging on the wall or a simple window, which would you choose? Leave a comment. Pin it, share it. Spread your love of all things amazing in this world. And do good things. -AND Click here to see more of Adams photography.

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Bob H. - March 15, 2013 Reply

WOW Very nice. I would like to spend the weekend.

liz goertz - March 15, 2013 Reply

The link to “see more photos” goes to the same one on a different page. Very nice though.

alice h - March 15, 2013 Reply

Footpints in the snow, someone has been there recently. Lucky someone!

Jack - March 15, 2013 Reply

I’m thinking that has to be a Forest Service Cabin. I’m pretty sure that is Mt. Shuksan in the the North Cascades. You don’t see that color blue most days. Mt. Baker is near by.

I bet you can rent it from the NFS.

Anna - March 16, 2013 Reply


GB - March 18, 2013 Reply

Awesome !!!! I can’t imagine living there !

Pami - March 31, 2013 Reply

Have you ever thought of building six of these types of homes and give them to low housing of six differnt county so one for six diffrent county can Kitsap county get one also if you deside to do these so no disabled person on SSI goes homeless. And did you know you get to write this of on your taxes. I hope you can find it in your heart to help six people out this year, get a home even if it small.

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