Tiny House in a Landscape

fishing shack in Ireland

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is a photo taken by Ryan Burke who says: This tiny house, a fishing shack I assume, is located in the Connemara in Ireland.

I had the opportunity to visit Ireland a couple summers ago and saw many tiny homes like these off in the distance. I’m glad Ryan was able to photograph this home as I was on public transit and could not just hop out when I wanted to. Thanks Ryan for sharing this photograph with us. You can see more of Ryan’s photography here.

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Tiny Houses Hankerings - March 8, 2013 Reply

Gorgeous! I would love to visit Ireland someone. And of course, live in a tiny house.

renee shatanoff - March 9, 2013 Reply

Ireland is gorgeous!!! Someday is today-:)

alice h - March 9, 2013 Reply

I once stayed in a tiny house near Clifden in Connemara much like this looks to be. There were two rooms;one bedroom,one living/eating/whatever room plus a small loft. A tiny lean-to kitchen and washroom had been added later. Cooking, heating and hot water were via a cast iron turf burning stove and an open fireplace that also burned turf. There were pot hooks in the fireplace to hang kettles and cauldrons where cooking was done before they got the stove. The owner kept cows and chickens close by and had sheep all over the hills along with several other people. It was a cozy family home not a fishing shack though there was a lot of fishing going on. Turf was cut from a nearby bog. There was a huge garden and the field in front of the house was full of blooming daffodils. There were only a few tiny windows but people spent most of the daylight hours outside anyway and it was nice and snug in a storm. The floors were flagstone and the roof was slate though there were several in the area that still had the more traditional thatch. The walls were stone that was plastered over inside and out. I don’t remember the age of the place, I think it was from the mid to late 1800’s.

Nancy Grehan - February 23, 2015 Reply

I doubt very much that the small building in the picture is a fishing shack. The small homes you see scattered all over Ireland were certainly never a part of any ‘tiny home’ movement. Many of them are well over 100 years old. The Irish raised large families in these small homes, believe it or not.

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