Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on February 8th, 2013. 9 Comments
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Ben sent me this weeks Tiny House in a Landscape photograph which a friend of his had forwarded to him. A tiny house or cabin located in Norway with a grass roof. The colors in the roof are very impressive and I’m guessing it is fall.

I don’t know anything more about it but the location is perfect and I think I could enjoy living there. How about you?

grass roof home, Norway

February 8th, 2013and filed in Tiny House Landscape

9 Responses to “Tiny House in a Landscape”

  1. Hunter says:

    That’s what is known in Ireland as a “Wee” house. cute and simple. The early builders used what was at hand and as we can see they did a beautiful job.

  2. alice h says:

    A nice longship berthed nearby would be handy.

  3. Mark A says:

    Gorgeous house, looks like someone photoshopped the colors though… Here’s an original that appears to be the same day if you look closely:


  4. jipsi says:

    Although I suppose the lack of lots of windows (along with the earthen roof) help to keep this a warm little cottage, in Norway’s colder months, I would go stir crazy without lots of light and sunshine (as through a window or two on each side, front and back, etc.)…. beautiful, though.

  5. Tom says:

    wow, good eyes (or memory!), Mark A — yes, photoshopped for sure. I hate when they do that. I like the original photo better… ; )

  6. Wow, my immediate reaction was, “I want to BE there!!”

  7. Shell says:

    Quite beautiful. : )

  8. […] A tiny house or cabin located in Norway with a grass roof. [Source] […]

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