Tiny House in a Landscape

Tiny House in a Landscape

The Dome Home

This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape is a unique dome home. Built from from sandwich section glass fibre reinforced concrete. It is 3.5 meters high, and 6 meters in diameter. Big enough for a tiny home, studio, or getaway.

The builder of this unique dome resides in the UK and says the following: This Dome Home could be a very posh or modern garden office or granny flat it could also be the answer to the world wide housing shortage.

To learn more about it visit their website: http://www.dingley-dell.com/dome_buildings


  1. I look forward to “TIny House in a Landscape” every week as there is a lot of inspiration here. The builder of this weeks home is in the UK, his website is fascinating… gets me thinking about building a dome in the back yard, when I get a place of my own… I wonder if you can fit a Mini Cooper inside one of these… AKA the “Mini Garage”

    I found couple of other sources of information as well…

    These guys have been around since the mid 70’s, http://www.monolithic.com

    And heres a sit with a lot of information on domes,

  2. Dingley Dell sounds so familiar . . . aha! Dickens’ Pickwick Papers! Interesting, kind of like a concrete yurt. Wonder if you could cover it with a bit of earth and plantings and make it look more like a hobbit house? Or it could be a new take on an “ivy-covered cottage”.

  3. The website’s FAQs for domes goes to the FAQs for the African pots.

    I was wondering if the domes are built on plain concrete pads or if they needed reinforcing.

  4. I’m generally all about traditional looking homes, but for some reason I really love these dome homes. They look cozy and easy to live in. I like it!

  5. I wasn’t able to get the “building” photos to load at all… any ideas about the process and how it differs from monolithic’s Eco-shell system ? I understand it’s intended for low tech building situations, but I don’t see if there is a form or support for the concrete to be troweled on by hand