Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was discovered on Pinterest. It was simply entitled “Cozy” and did not have a link to where it was discovered.

The colors reminded me of fall and this time of thanksgiving. The scenery is perfect for this little house. Pinterest is a great place to follow tiny houses and you can follow the Tiny House Blog Pinterest page here. Have a wonderful weekend!


14 Comments Tiny House in a Landscape

  1. Deek

    great place- great locale too! They should get some gutters on the front though, the splash-back on the front deck is already growing some “greenery” on their siding, and will soon rot it out. Love the walkway too!

  2. Sandra Allen

    I thought you would notice that too, Deek. It’s the first thing I thought of. But, other than that, it’s pristine and cute. The only thing missing is a gnome on the porch!!

  3. alice h

    Love the quote from the owner “It has everything I need, including the absence of what I don’t need,” she says. Pretty much sums up the tiny house ethos. Yes, I know this is a work space and not a house but it’s true for living or working spaces.

  4. Jason

    Once again a wonderful little house, and the inside lighting makes it look pretty cozy. However, it makes me wonder about things such as plumbing and whether it’s running on a generator or not.

  5. roberto

    Some are kind of pretty but why do they have to look all so conventional? I think it could be tiny but also sleek and contemporary and not looking like a shed!


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