Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is a photograph by Christopher Seufert of a small beach shack located in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

This photo was featured on a fairly new website called Tiny House Swoon which was started recently by Steven Harrell the person behind Tiny House Listings. Steven has a real talent and a love for tiny structures and both sites are growing very rapidly. I recently featured one of my tiny house photos on Tiny House Swoon and hope to contribute more in the future. If this site is new to you be sure and book mark it and visit it often.

The Margo Gelb Shack

4 Comments Tiny House in a Landscape

  1. Lisa

    Oh!Massachusetts!; I grew up there and does this ever speak to me! I don’t know that I’d want to live so far out on the cape as P-town, but Bourne County or Plymouth would surely do it! This is fabulous!!!

  2. Deb

    Nice to see a local Cape Codder in “Tiny House in a Landscape”! Plus thanks for the info on “Tiny House Swoon”.

  3. carrie

    Quite adorable…Spent summers on my uncles island in Chathamport (Strong Island)Cedar shakes make me smile !But I am wondering where in “P”town they would let such a small place be built?! I am thinking of codes etc.

  4. libertymen

    Its a beautiful place the outer cape.
    The parts nearer to BOston have been very overdeveloped in my opinion.Hyannis has a huge MALL.
    My first visit in 35 years was two years ago,and it was very disheartening to see what has happened.
    Plymouth is crowded but given that is pretty neat town.Lots of history.
    Beachwise I prefer the Parker Preserve on Plum Island,Newbury or Wingaersheek in Gloucester.
    This place is cute and the dune shacks are pretty neat.Watch out for ticks.Its hard to find the lonely Sea ,beach and sky on the CAPE.


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