Tiny House in a Landscape

Tiny House in a Landscape

Inn in Iceland

This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape is called a Sleeping Inn…. (the fjords of Iceland) by Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs. I have featured Trey’s work before as he seems to appreciate tiny structures and photographs them quite frequently.

The West Fjords of Iceland are full adventure, wonderful scenery and beauty. With volcanic craters, lava flows, hot springs, and geysers. Also many glaciers and stunning waterfalls. A perfect place for a little sleeping inn! Thanks Trey for your wonderful photography.

Inn in Iceland


    • It was mostly only 2 rooms, kitchen and a living room. The people slept in the living room and the beds are located to the wall. In the evenings the whole family sat in the living room, the women knitting and sewing and the head of the family (the father) told stories.
      Often the living room is on the second floor, like on this picture, and under the living room they kept their animals (cows or sheep) because the heat from the animals heated up the second floor.
      Hope this gives you some idea about the interior.

  1. It looks like HDR, which can make for such amazing and surreal shots! This is a great shot. If it’s not HDR it’s a great post-processing job. However it was done, it looks magical.

    • Oops, made that comment before clicking on the link. I haven’t tried much with actual HDR photography; I’ve processed photos that look like HDR by using multiple layers and blending and that seemed to work better than trying HDR in PS5. I know there are programs that are more dedicated to HSR; if anyone happens to have suggestions, I’m all ears.

  2. Beautiful idyllic setting. Makes me want to visit Iceland. I saw a movie called “no such thing” filmed in Iceland that had many similar wild and rugged scenes.