Victoria’s Tiny House for Sale

Victoria’s Tiny House for Sale

tiny house front and back

No Longer for Sale

Tiny house. Log cabin RV. Full kitchen. Dual washer and dryer. Lots of storage. All fine craftsman ship. Roof folds down allowing for travel. On mobile home axles.

My husband and I built it to move to Alaska. This will work great in the winter.

Selling it for 35,000 obo. Located in New Hampshire.

I want to buy a bus now and build a home in that. It is large compared to other tiny houses. It also has double lofts.

fold down roof

interior loft and kitchen


  1. I WISH I could afford this. I lost my “real” house in NH, and am now in an apartment and struggling to hold onto that. As a single mom and freelance writer with health issues, I am “financially challenged,” but I dream of being able to live in a tiny house…with a tiny library attached for all my books. This little place is adorable. Good luck with it.

    • i am in the same boat you are.. i have been unemployed for some time now… off and on since 2007, couch hopped for most of it, but now i have 3 kids and long more than anything for financial freedom for my family. i have thrown myself into building things that we need but what i crave right now is freedom from landlords and rules, laws and being “poor”. philosophers say that we are “masters of our own destiny” and if the only way to get this type of freedom that not just i want / crave is to build it then “we shall come” to coin a phrase…build what you need and let “it all go.

      • What has this got to do with Small Houses ?

        You haven’t worked…buy had three kids and are still in the same boat you started from and you want “freedom ? ”
        Like the song says…for you freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. Yes, that’s ugly. There are folks needing real help and not from 2007 either.

    • Max Gordon,

      I read your post. I may have an answer. I am in a R community in northeastern PA. You can have your house if you are a little flexible. The location is secluded and reasonably accessible. Right now, with winter coming on, this is the start of my favorite part of the year. The prices are actually cheap but the units are not.

      Ric U.

  2. hi, we love the tiny house. do u have more pics? how long ago was the house built? and was it built on a used or new trailer?

  3. Hi great tiny house. First one seen that you can stand in the loft, and fold down the roof. Do you have any pics with the roof down? Also do you have the plans for sale?

  4. What are the outside dimensions of the house – height, width, length

    What do you mean “the roof folds down”

    Is the house actually finished – the pictures show the building in progress.

    Where is the washer/dryer.


  5. Hi, has this been sold, or have you decided not to sell? The folding roof idea is wonderful; gives a lot more flexibility with height. I’m in NH too, and longing to be off the financial grid — away from the requirement of coughing up rent every month.

  6. That’s a great looking tiny house on wheels and your asking price of $35000.00 is most reasonable in comparison to other tiny houses of this type. Good craftmanship is expensive and yours looks nicely made.

  7. D.Whit,Your comments are so negative,you need to live and let live!We are all entitled to our opinions, but sometimes things are better left unsaid!Years ago I was taught that if I couldn’t say something nice not to say anything at all, not a bad idea!Unless you are planning on purchasing this home, do you really need to comment on the price ? Lets just enjoy the blog and be positive!

    • judy you watched BAmbi also. that guy must be Liberal troll and has nothing better to do then be-rate other peoples acomplishments or dreams. I ignore jerks like that. I love this site and it’s given me some good ideas for my retirement.

    • I was wondering if you could send me more photos of this house it’s awesome . I am wanting to build one and this is them first one that I like the plans my son and husband are both over 6’2 this looks like it may work