Gingerbread Style Cottage

Gingerbread Style Cottage


Vicky from British Columbia, Canada spotted this on a local KiJiJi Free Classified Ads in her area and thought you would enjoy seeing it.

Gingerbread Style Cottage

Cute and rustic 8ft x 24ft portable gingerbread style cottage for sale. It’s plumbed, wired and insulated. Open kitchen living area with loft that fits a queen size mattress. Bathroom has toilet, shower and pedestal sink. Built on a trailer frame on wheels for easy transport. Located in Comox-Strathcona, BC. Listed for $18,000 CDN.

Here is the KiJiJi listing.


  1. The builder did a nice job on this trailer. Looks like it could be one of those you would park and rent out or have guests stay in. I like the wood paneling and the interesting ladder attachment.

  2. This is beautiful! For myself I would put two twins up top. Stacked for when I’m by myself and side by side for when the Grandkids visit. (Also would leave room for the stacks of books I always have by my bed.

  3. This looks very cozy and well built. The problem I have with most of these tiny homes is the lack of closets to hang clothes in. Storage seems to be the challenge. But then if a person down sizes their life in order to live in this minimalistic way perhaps storage is not such an issue. I have down sized several times releasing books,music, clothes, furniture etc. I am able to resist gathering stuff as long as I am traveling, but when I nest for a while, stuff comes to my nest. This necessitates storage. In a tiny inexpensive house one must learn to control impulse gathering or build a shed I guess.

  4. I like it. There might be closets between the kitchen and livingliving areas, hard to tell. I’d rearrange the bathroom fixtures so I wouldn’t see the toilet while eating.

  5. the real problem is why put the toilet in front of the door. Put the sink there. other than that it is striking and says something. I could live in that. I have a 24 foot travel trailer and I know I could live in that but the little house would be more comfortable

  6. I realize this is brought here by a Tiny House blog reader, and was built/etc. by someone else, so we are limited to/can’t expand on what that original person provided, but a drawing of the floor plan would be great. There’s a space in the sitting room, around the corner that isn’t shown. Could be shelves or a closet or just unfilled space. But also I’m wondering about hot water, heat, etc.

    Too–for this house but also more generally, how do people deal with the stairs and porch when it’s time to pack up and go?

  7. Perfect for some one who eats raw fresh foods, Im surprised that no one has noticed the lack of stove or fridge. There are way more cabinates in the kitchen than one or two people would need for cook wear (if there were a stove) and dishes. you could store things in there.

  8. Anyone here that can comment on beds in lofts like this one? How in the heck do you make the bed and change the sheets? I hate changing sheets in normal situations but in a loft it seems like it would be at least 3 times more hassle. Especially a tight one like this one with little headroom and no clearance on the sides.

  9. Road loads and single axle trailer?…or mostly just hope to get it to one location and put leveling jacks underneath? Even with 1/2″ rough-sawn inside, plus framing lumber, insulation, fixtures and cedar-shake exterior the weight is going to be about max on a single axled frame. Attractive as can be, and definitely liveable, though. gg

    • If there are they are both centered under the stair, still making the weight an issue… especially on the loft side. Speaking of which, what is the headroom under the loft, looks to be well under 6 ft.

      Beautiful workmanship. Are the loft sides storage ‘bins’? That and a closet the other side of the kitchen wall would provide enough storage.

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