Dried-In Slabtown AnneMarie

Scott Stewart of Slabtown Customs is offering one dried-in Annemarie which would look completed on the outside, complete with windows, door, painted and trimmed, ready for the buyer to do the plumbing, electrical, insulation, etc. Only $4000 and you work out delivery with Scott. Here are the details of the AnneMarie. (Sale Pending)

The Slabtown Annemarie tiny house measures just over 8′ wide to be a road legal move, it is a total of 22′ long including a 6′ covered porch, the 6×8 porch is a very usable size allowing full size chairs including rocking chairs. It has two 8×8 lofts, one in each end with an open 6′ section in the living area. (view a completed AnneMarie here)

Contact Scott at ozarksbest@yahoo.com or call Scott anytime at 870-213-5310, he is located in Arkansas.

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