10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Ohio You Can Buy Now

Ready to move into a small home in the Buckeye State? Look no further, because one of these 10 tiny houses currently available for sale right now is sure to be perfect for you.

10. The Cambridge Cabin


Price: $59,000
Square Footage: 360
Location: Cambridge


21st century pioneers will love this old fashioned styled log cabin, ready to be moved to your homestead. It’s already plumbed and wired, and includes custom cabinetry as well as lots of excellent woodworking.

9. The Abney House


Price: $20,500
Square Footage: 380
Location: Lakeview


If you’re looking to downsize into a tiny home without moving into the boondocks, or living a nomadic life on the open road, then this lovely little park model house could be perfect for you. It’s in a gated community, and includes all of the standard accouterments of modern life that you’ve come to expect.

8. The Waynesville Work in Progress


Price: $7000
Square Footage: 200
Location: Waynesville


With most of the construction work already completed, this little diamond in the rough just needs a little TLC, and some plumbing work, to by ready to move into. It’s well insulated for those cold Ohio winters, and the seller is willing to arrange for delivery at $2/mile.

7. The Baby Blue

7aPrice: $7000
Square Footage: 160
Location: Piketon


Another worthwhile project for an experience contractor, this unfinished home only needs some finishing touches to be finished. You’ll have a sleeping loft, and lots of opportunities for customization.

6. The Bellefontaine


Price: $35,000
Square Footage: 492
Location: Bellefontaine


Catch this amazing deal while you can! The owner is looking to move back to Columbus, and is selling their tiny house for just a little over $70 a square foot, (try finding a competently built home for that price anywhere… it isn’t easy). You’ll have all the regular appliances and fixtures, as well as a roomy feel on the inside because of vaulted ceilings, along with the appeal of finished wood.

5. The Bargain Building Project


Price: $5000
Square Footage: 400
Location: Marion


Well on its way to being finished, this lovely little cabin could be the ideal project for an experienced builder to take on and finish for themselves, or to turn around and sell for a tidy profit. At the moment, the home has not been outfitted for electricity or plumbing. The structure has to be moved, which the seller estimates to be in the range of $300-600 if within a few hundred miles of its current location.  (Sorry, the doggies aren’t included.)

4. The Marysville Homestead


Price: $20,000
Square Footage: 500
Location: Delaware, Ohio


Recently finished, this traditional style home is fully insulated, wired and plumbed. It’s designed to be portable, on skids, so that you can transport it to your piece of the American dream. The home is well furnished with the typical features, and priced to sell.

3. 7 Acres of Paradise


Price: $46,900
Square Footage: 500
Location: Jackson


This two-story tiny house is only an hour south of Columbus, Ohio, on a 7-acre plot of lovely forested land, where you could become best friends with your neighbors, the turkey and the deer. The home includes all the usual modern fixtures. You’ll also have two porches to relax on in the warmer months, and entertain your friends for a barbeque.

2. The Amish Cottage


Price: $25,000
Square Footage: 192
Location: Medina


If the Amish people are known for anything, it’s superb craftsmanship. This little custom-built home, not far from Cleveland, is built in the standard way, including all of the normal hookups. The seller is even offering free delivery within 100 miles of Edina, or to anywhere in the continental USA for a reasonable charge.

1. The Modern Mini-Mansion THOW


Price: $48,000
Square Footage: 303
Location: Columbus


Tech junkies will love this ultra-modern tiny house on wheels, which come wired with space age alarm systems, a WiFi signal booster, manufactured composting toilet and tankless water heater. The space is well designed with space saving furniture, a large living room, and beautiful contemporary aesthetics in mind.


If you didn’t find the little home of your dreams included in the list, don’t worry, because there are over a hundred small and affordable Ohio houses available to look through over at Tiny House Listings.

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John Leiss - September 25, 2017 Reply

I am interested in the cabin south of Columbus on 7 acres.

    Kent Griswold - September 25, 2017 Reply

    Click on the title above and it will link you to the listing. If it is still available you can contact the owner or listing agent.

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