10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

Looking for a small home in the Bluegrass State? Check out these ten tiny houses available for sale right now!

10. The Rustic Cabin


Price: $17,000
Square Footage: 500
Location: Verona


Everyone loves a good deal, and you’ll be a long time looking before you find one better than this. The interior walls need some cosmetic finish work, (the wood for which is included in the purchase price of the home,) along with some other minor details, but this lovely old timey cabin is a steal at the price. It will have to be moved onto another parcel, so factor transportation costs into your budget. It seems like the seller is ready to make a deal, so you can probably get it for less than the asking price.

9. The Brown Betty THOW


Price: $11,000
Square Footage: 128
Location: Oneida


Designed and built in California, (I’m not sure if they mean the state, or the city in Kentucky of the same name,) this little RV is ideal for anyone who loves the aesthetic of wood. You’ll all the camper hookups you need, all new appliances, windows and whatnot, along with some nifty elements like hideaway stools. The price was recently reduced by several thousand, so this little home could be an excellent deal for you.

8. The Drake Ridge


Price: $12,500
Square Footage: 120
Location: Taylorsville


This lovely little cabin comes with 1.2 acres to call your own, for gardening and playing with the kids. It’s been recently remodeled, though does not includes water or electricity. A few simple upgrades, and a minor financial investment, could make the home livable for those who don’t want to rough it every day.

7. California Dreaming, Kentucky Style


Price: $35,000
Square Footage: 272
Location: California, Kentucky


Living in a tiny house could be super comfortable in this cozy little cabin. Intended to double as a work space, you’ll ample room for an office as well as a living area. It comes with two 60-watt solar panels, though the home is outfitted for grid supply as well. The home doesn’t have any plumbing, with a composting toilet, you won’t need it anyway.

6. The Kentucky Yurt


Price: $13,500
Square Footage: 706
Location: Alexandria

Custom built, this 30-foot yurt offers the best of that thousands of years of Central Asian ingenuity has to offer: high wind and snow-load resistance, superb insulation, and plenty of room for a dance party. This particular model is designed to operate off grid with a wood stove, DC powered ceiling fan, and self-contained plumbing.

5. Ol’ Yeller


Price: $3000
Square Footage: 320
Location: Magnolia


Housing AND transportation for a measly three grand… plus the bragging rights of living in a school bus? Wow! You’ll have a fully functional kitchen, living areas and lots of storage, along with a gas engine to get you where you’re going. (Wouldn’t this be great for pranking all the little schoolkids every morning?)

4. The Taylor Mill Family Home


Price: $28,000
Square Footage: 667
Location: Taylor Mill


This conventionally built two-bedroom tiny home has a lovely, well-maintained interior and a large, backyard deck where you can entertain your friends and family. The current asking price is less than half of what the home sold for to the prior owner, so you’re looking at a serious bargain here.

3. The Park Hills Mini House


Price: $2500
Square Footage: 100
Location: Park Hills


Until now, this micro home has been used as the club house by the itty-bitty committee. Conventionally built without plumbing or electricity, this tiny house with a tiny price tag is ready to be moved on to your land as an outbuilding for office space or a private room for an older child, or for conversion into a single-person dwelling with a few inexpensive upgrades.

2. The Equine RV


Price: $85,000
Square Footage: 160
Location: Louisville


If your tiny house dream involves a big rig and a gorgeous red and white trailer, then search no further. (The trailer can be bought separately from the truck, which has a mere 586,000 miles on it.) The living area of the trailer has been beautifully finished with granite countertops, walnut flooring, leather sofas and even a satellite TV. (I hope you’re a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, though.)

1. The Birchwood THOW


Price: $39,500
Square Footage: 160
Location: Birchwood


Designed to work off-grid and on the road, this tiny house on wheels is ideal for anyone who wants to explore America’s wide open spaces from the comfort of their own home. With a stylish interior design, all stainless steel kitchen appliances, granite countertops and many other features, you can even do it in the lap of luxury.


If you didn’t find the tiny house of your dreams in this list, don’t fret, because there are thousands of tiny houses available for sale right now, all across the country, over at Tiny House Listings. One of them is sure to be perfect for you!


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How do you get in touch with the seller? I couldn’t find anyway to do so. Thanks!

    Collin Vickers - September 10, 2016 Reply

    Hey Jessica, if you click on the blue highlighted name of the house, it will take you to a website where you can find that kind of information. 🙂

mary - September 9, 2016 Reply

Great work! Love it.

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