10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Colorado

Ready to buy a tiny house in Colorado? Look no further. Get ready for snow in July, legal Mary Jane and some of the beautiful views of mountains and forests available anywhere in the world. If you want to contact the seller of any of these homes, just click the name of the tiny house you’re interested in.

10. The Solar Tiny House on Wheels Special


Price: $45,000
Square Footage: 250
Location: Castle Rock


An eco-conscious family on the go would love this beautifully designed, efficient mobile home. You’ll have a self-sufficient solar power array and a decent sized water tank with an accompanying on-demand heater to supply your shower and other domestic water needs. It’s built using conventional methods, and well insulated for those cold Colorado nights.

9. The Odyssey THOW


Price: $45,000
Square Footage: 240
Location: Denver


How do you buy a house in Denver for a mere 45k? You find a tiny house. This one is on wheels, so you can take your home with you wherever your dreams lead you. Custom built cabinets, a fully outfitted kitchen and much more make this little house an attractive option.

8. The Cedar Shake Beauty


Price: $37,900
Square Footage: 300
Location: Salida



Cedar is a beautiful material, as well as sustainable, durable and easy to maintain – not to mention it has a beautiful smell. Professionally constructed using conventional methods, this tiny house on wheels could be your RV dream come true.

7. The Prairie Cabin


Price: $24,000
Square Footage: 280
Location: Drake


Designed to for mobility, this well made little home is a perfect starter home for a youngster with little in the way of savings or financing options. You’ll need to make a few upgrades to have all the amenities you want, but the basic framework is rough, tough, rustic and beautiful.

6. The Tiny Twist


Price: $63,000
Square Footage: 144
Location: Denver


Designed and constructed by Outlier Tiny Homes, this little house is perfect for folks who enjoy being surrounded by works of art. It’s ecologically savvy too, with a composting toilet, LED lighting and on-demand water heater.

5. The Westminster Mobile Home


Price: $38,900
Square Footage: 190
Location: Westminster


Who says you need to have a bunch of land to have a white picket fence? This little beauty comes with a complete solar array, including a battery bank, and smart design features like a wired speaker system and more. You’ll also have a rain catchment system, so you can live your life on the open road in a more self-sufficient way.

4. The Rose


Price: $75,000
Square Footage: 320
Location: Morrison


Constructed by Tiny Diamond Homes, this trailer style home is made with safety and durability in mind. As you can see, they didn’t ignore aesthetics, either. 30’ long, this custom build is one of a kind. Contact the seller for additional information.

3. The Green Dream


Price: $55,000
Square Footage: 131
Location: Fairplay


Loaded with features, this bright green tiny house on wheels could be your dream come true. You’ll have a complete kitchen and bathroom, a spacious living area with a big screen television, a furnace, a queen size mattress in your bedroom and many more features than I can list here.

2. The Homesteader Special


Price: $20,000
Square Footage: 300+
Location: Walsenburg


Over three acres of land, access to a beautiful pond, and a tiny house with plenty of space for a single homesteader or a young family – in one of the nation’s premier tiny house communities. For 20-grand. Do you know a deal when you see one? (This is definitely a bargain.)


Bill Mollison, the late founder of the permaculture movement, learned through years of experience that a reasonable minimum acreage for one person to raise 100% of their own food is about 1.5 acres. If you and a significant other have been itching to give it a try, and you have a tight budget, then you’ll be a long time looking before you find a better option that this little house in the lovely deserts of Colorado.

1. The Seedling


Price: $57,000
Square Footage: 320
Location: Ridgeway


Made from a repurposed shipping container, this gorgeously designed tiny house could be yours at a great price. Beautifully decorated and replete with many windows, you’re sure to enjoy your surroundings. You’ll be comfortable and dry as well, with a welded steel exterior and lots of insulation to buffer your living space from summer heat and winter chill.


Didn’t find the tiny house you were looking for? Don’t worry for a second, because there are more than 150 tiny houses currently for sale in Colorado, with thousands more all across the country at Tiny House Listings.

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Bob Egan - October 14, 2016 Reply

Are there, or will there ever be, any model homes that I could see in person in the Massachusetts area ?
I live in Billerica Ma. and would certainly go to see them within a 15-20 mile radius.

Any input that you might have to this inquiry would be very much appreciated !

Thanks a lot !
Bob Egan

Cheryl Martin - October 17, 2016 Reply

How about land for these beauties? I’m looking for land too to put my tiny 10×12 on

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