10 Small Homes for Sale in Arkansas You Can Buy Now

Time to embrace your natural state, tiny house lovers, and buy a small home in Arkansas! Check out these ten excellent examples available right now.

10. The College Cottage

10aPrice: $49,900
Square Footage: 488
Location: West Plains


This tiny home combines the best of old and new, with the charm and classic design of an older home, with a brand new foundation, energy efficient windows and new plumbing and wiring. It comes loaded with appliances, and sits on a three lot property, so you’ll have plenty of room to garden.

9. The Highwater

9aPrice: $55,000
Square Footage: 432
Location: Hagarville


How does 5 acres in the Ozark National Forest sound to you? This diamond in the rough could be your home away from home, or the perfect little spot in the woods to get away from it all and live the homesteader lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. The interior requires some work, and the cabin has no electricity or plumbing at the moment.

8. The Red Roof


Price: $25,000
Square Footage: 128
Location: Dover


Fully furnished and custom designed, this tiny home in a tiny town might be your ideal spot to get out of the big city rat race. It comes with all the furnishings you’d expect, including energy efficient windows, water heater, HVAC unit and much more. You’ll also have 1 acre of land to make your own.

7. The Slabtown Cube


Price: $8,500
Square Footage: 144
Location: Mountain View


Based on the French Cube design, this tiny house is roomy and designed to maximize space for a super-affordable price. Make sure to check out the video provided on the listing page linked above for more details and a great view of this lovely little home.

6. The “Partne” House


Price: $17,500 ($16,000 if you buy through Tiny House Listings)
Square Footage: 220
Location: Mountain View


Wood-lovers will fall head over heels for this well-crafted tiny house made with pine log siding. You’ll have loads of storage space, all the accouterments you need for a modern lifestyle, and the seller is even willing to consider making adjusts to a buyer’s specifications.

5. The Teeny-Weeny Tiny House


Price: $6,500
Square Footage: 64
Location: Mountain View


If you’re in search of super-small and super-affordable, this little beauty could be the ideal tiny house for you. You’ll have RV style hookups and appliances, a sleeping loft in the upper story and a brand new electric fireplace. If you want a tiny house on wheels, they can even attach it to trailer chasse for another $1000.

4. The Deck Model


Price: $11,500
Square Footage: 128
Location: Mountain View


Newly constructed on skids for nationwide portability, this little house has all the modern conveniences at a marvelous price. Much like the model above, it can be transformed into a THOW for a modest $1500 surcharge.

3. The Green Dream


Price: $30,000
Square Footage: 248
Location: Little Rock


Well outfitted with everything you need to live a comfortable contemporary lifestyle, this beautiful tiny house on wheels has been lovingly crafted inside and out. The interior décor is replete with beautiful wood, and you’ll have all the RV-style hookups you need to keep yourself on the go on the open road.

2. The Log Cabin


Price: $28,000
Square Footage: 220, + front porch
Location: Jasper


If the pioneer log cabin style is up your alley, then this little home in Jasper could be perfect for you. It will need a few finishing touches to be ready to move in, but any electrician or small-scale contractor can help you. You’ll also need to arrange for shipping to your own property.

1. The Studio Model


Price: $24,000
Square Footage: 240
Location: Near Searcy/Kensett


The current owners have been making a bundle with this gorgeous little studio-style tiny house on AirBnB, and you could too, assuming you don’t actually want to live in it. The home is well equipped with most modern amenities, and the sale price includes the cost of a handful of upgrades the seller is prepared to make for a new buyer, such as an interior toilet fixture. Local transportation of the house to a new plot would only cost $1000.


There are more than a hundred tiny houses currently available for sale in Arkansas, so if you didn’t find your dream home in this list, all you have to do is head over to Tiny House Listings and take a peek at the other tiny houses available.


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Tammy - June 26, 2017 Reply

My GOAL is to buy a Tiny House or build one in Central Arkansas. Finding the land is the most difficult part. I work in Little Rock.

If anyone knows of a parcel of land available for a tiny house, please contact me immediately.

Thanks you!


    Jennifer - November 1, 2017 Reply

    I’m in the exact same boat! Lol.
    The only land I’ve heard of being up for sell is out o Billy Goat Mt. and that is beyond the boondocks. Which I wouldn’t mind exect that any time there is severe wheather of any kind you get stranded because the roads are “gravel roads.” I say it like that because they rarely put down the gravel and when they do it’s left loose, so the cycle keeps repeating it self.

Aunjel thomas - July 6, 2017 Reply

Are there any rent to own tiny homes in Arkansas

KARLEEN KEZIAH - July 2, 2018 Reply

Ihave a 12 by 48 tiny home for sale in flippin,ar for 25000 its fully furnished with bed,dressers,loveseat,end tables,night stand,lamps,2 tvs,dishes towels,coffee pot,ect can be seen on mountain home yardsale group or marion co yardsale group or flippin yardsale group,it will have to be moved to your property.never lived in.

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