Vintage Painted Cowgirl Western Shasta Trailer

Vintage Painted Cowgirl Western Shasta Trailer


Aaron Boyers was looking at Ebay under vintage travel trailers and found this one that looked like it might be one of the “Sisters on the Fly”. I love all of these little canned hams, and figured one of the ladies out there might be interested in keeping it in the tiny house blog family.

Aaron found out that it does belong to one of the Sisters on the Fly. Aaron was on looking because he plans on taking a road trip when he retires from the Air Force and wants to travel without touching an Interstate to really see the country.


Here is info about the trailer: Rare vintage Shasta camper/trailer painted vintage style. Painted by artist Teri Freeman. (rustycowboy2Painted like log cabin with sexy cowgirl, cactus, road signs, wheels, fence, etc.  The inside is western.  The stove is hooked up to propane. There is no heater. Water aquired with hose. Barnwood floor, lodgepole bed and amoire.


The area where there was a table with turndown bed is unfinished.  There is some leak damage to be dealt with.  Has a new vent.  There is a painted side by the door that says “If this trailer is rocking, don’t bother knocking”. The floor is barnwood and has partial barn wood wainscoating. Portable chemical toliet.


The outside of the trailer has some minor structural issues. Some dents and holes etc.  It has lights on the ceiling attached to battery.  Brand new tail lights. The trailer date is in the early 60’s. There is no registration.  Measures 13X7.  Has a new hitch.Want to join Sisters on the Fly? This is the trailer for you! You can bid at Ebay here.





    • I was watching that auction and looked up your art, to see if the trailer was the real deal. I was pleasantly surprised to find this website.

      I love the painted cowgirl on the table, But, I will be traveling with my daughter(s), so would want to paint over the rock’n messege. If you would be interested at all. What would you charge to repaint the cowgirl into a cowboy. The more the cowboy could look like Gary Cooper, the better. 🙂