Surfside Cottages

by Kent Griswold on November 4th, 2012. 8 Comments
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John Woods says: On a recent trip to San Diego, I came across this cute collection of tiny cottages just off the pier in Ocean Beach, California. I snapped these pictures from the pier while looking back towards the shore.

It was a little hazy the day I visited, but what a great place to sit and watch surfers at sunset just blocks away from Downtown Ocean Beach. The cottages are located on Niagara Avenue right at the end of the pier.

surfside cottages



8 Responses to “Surfside Cottages”

  1. Carolyn B says:

    Very nice photos of the exterior. Any chance anyone has taken photos of the interior of one. That would be really interesting. Thanks!

  2. They all look very individual from the first photo – a peek inside would be fascinating.

  3. If you’re down at the pier, check out the tiny cottages actually on the pier as well – you can rent one, and sleep over the ocean. Just look up Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages in Ocean Beach. It’s one of the most unique spots to stay in all of San Diego!

  4. Lisa says:

    I recognized those cottages right away when I saw the pic! We go to OB every summer, and they have caught my eye as well. Wish I owned one of them. As you said….perfect location…..perfect tiny house.

  5. Nico says:

    The crystal pier cottages are actually in Pacific Beach, not Ocean Beach

  6. Ah, you’re right Nico. But since the two piers are only about five miles apart, I still would suggest checking out the Crystal Pier Hotel – and the cottages over the pier. It really is special and definitely worth seeing!

  7. I’ve always dreamed of having a row of these in our back yard just for visiting kids and grandkids. Oh, the fun we’d have all staying together at once. :)

  8. Kenise says:

    If you go to youtube and type in crystal pier cottages their are some videos of the area. Ones by tvvideotours shows you the whole one bedroom

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