Ragsdale Homes ” Next Generation Series “

Ragsdale Homes ” Next Generation Series “

Ragsdale drawing

by Jay Oistead

I wanted to familiarize you with our company, Ragsdale Homes. About six months ago, we introduced a short demo on YouTube, featuring our first design, the Prius model. Our first home pushes the envelope in livable square footage within the parameters of a specific trailer size. At 380 square feet, made possible with our patent pending Room Roll Outs. When RROs are installed opposite one another there is a distance of 16 feet. When installed without being opposite there is still a distance of 12 feet. In tiny homes this available living space has yet to be achieved. But now it is a reality.

Attached are links to the three videos. Hope you have the time to view these videos. We feel that this technology is revolutionary and will change the future of tiny homes on wheels. All of a sudden, tiny is not so tiny anymore.


The interest in Houston, Texas on Tiny Homes is not exactly at warp speed.

I am sending you some information on our company in hopes that we can somehow network. At this particular time, we are still in the research and development stage of business, inventing, designing, innovative concepts that we feel are relative to the future of the tiny home industry. Furthermore, we are not building homes, selling plans, etc., focusing on specific areas where we feel the need for improvement is greatest.

trailer ready for construction

We are a small blip on the tiny house radar; however, we have created some game changing techniques in current tiny house construction. We would welcome the opportunity to network with like-minded tiny house people.

As I said, it gets lonely in Houston having few with which to collaborate.

Our current projects are:

1) Square Footage: We think outside the box, therefore, we build outside the box, resulting in an increase in usable square footage within the parameters of a specific trailer size. Our current model, The Prius, pushes the envelope of a 8? by 20? trailer with over 380 square feet. Additionally, this model features approximately 275 square feet of wooden decking. Our newest model, a classic Mediterranean model is nearing completion, built on a trailer which is 8? by 28?, offering approximately 480 square feet.

interior 1

2) Water: Our on board, proprietary, Nano Technology, Tropospheric Water Precipitation water generator. Not to be confused with out of date, AWG technology, using a compressor and Freon to make water. Our system will create 30 gallons of 99.8% pure water in a 24 hour period. Additionally, we have developed a recyclable shower, operating through a reverse osmosis and filtration system located in a sub floor below the shower floor. A typical 10 minute shower uses 150 liters of water. Ours uses only 5 liters this is a huge savings in water consumption.

interior 2

3) Hybrid construction: Our space age SIP panel technology now being tested, utilizing NanoPure thermal tested insulation in the form of a vacuum insulation panel or VIP integrated and sandwiched in between foam and 2 layers of aluminum or steel skins. These panels will have an insulation factor up to R60. The overall width will be a net of 4 inches and will be 60% lighter and 35% stronger than conventional wood construction.

interior 3

4) AC: Our home will be cooled with a, 12,000 BTU, 12 volt, solar powered air conditioner, resulting in the need for less solar panel surface being used today. A battery is installed inside the cabinet and it runs off it’s own solar panel, separate from the rest of the home.

5) Solar: We are in negotiations with Dow Chemical to partner with us to use the revolutionary Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles. We are also working with US Tile who has partnered with SRS Energy to use their Mission Profile Tiles(Faux clay tiles) named Sole’ Power Tiles on our Mediterranean model.

For more information forward your email address to ragsdalehomes@gmail.com.

on the road


  1. HinkingPlease add me to your mail list. We will be building a small home on wheels soon. This as a kit would give me a giant jump start on my project. Seems to have all the things I’ve been thinking of for years. Thank you.

  2. Please add me to your website . We want to have a home similar to this but we are in Nova Scotia Canada. So excited to see your ideas!

  3. I am so in love with these models!!! We arelooking into building a tiny home and would love some more information. Thank you!!!

  4. Please add me to your mailing list. I’d also be interested in more information about your trailers (pricing, specs, length options). The tiny community is growing everyday. I heard about you from a fellow enthusiast who posted your link on Facebook. Might want to contact Tiny Texas Houses in Luling or Texas Tiny Homes in Granbury (both on Facebook) for more networking. Thanks! And Good Luck!

  5. Love the rooftop design, hybrid design, solar, ac, etc. Currently living in a 414 sq ft apt and have designed it so I have everything I need and soo much more. Please put me on your list … I have lots of design ideas, but these structural additions would be terrific!! Thanks.

  6. I am curious to learn more about the “roll outs” my husband and I are doing something similiar and would be great to colaborate with you on this. Please add me to your mailing list and hopefully we can connect.

  7. Please add me to your mailing list. We also will be building a small home on wheels. I would also like to see plans and RRO kits available. Thank you.

  8. This looks amazing. We are in the beginning stages of our tiny house and would love to see more of your work! Please add me to your email list! Thank you!

  9. Please add me to your list as well love what I am seeing so far I am in early stages of figuring out what tiny will work for myself and two kids full time and additional older child part time summer I need my bedroom downstairs as well

  10. Love it.. Would definitely be interested in something like this. Please add me to your mailing contact list and keep me updated as to how things are progressing. Best of luck…Scott…

  11. Please add me to your mailing list too!!! I’d love to see everything you have in mind when it comes to building a tiny house on wheels.
    Thank you

  12. Please add us to your email list. We currently own a 900 sq ft loft in downtown Houston. My husband’s work requires us to move almost every year. Instead of renting places around Texas, it occurred to us, why not take the house with us?
    Your concept may be perfect for us.
    Best regards

  13. I was going look into this tiny house,but all that room from sliders,you don”t have a bed down on the main floor.I am going some where else.