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Nomads are traditionally characterized by moving from place to place following herds, water, or pastures. As a college student I found myself moving from place to place, not in search of sustenance, but in search of opportunity, be it school, dating, experience, or career. We are “modern nomads;” we struggle with the real-life hassles of moving, while loving the thrill of the move.

Nomad is a line of furniture designed for students and young professionals. We provide a simple, minimalist design created especially for the unsettled. Nomad requires NO tools and NO hardware to assemble. The nomad line includes a spacious student desk, a bookcase, bins for DVD storage that fit into a cabinet, coffee tables, end tables, and picture frames. Products are made in the USA and are manufactured from eco-friendly and recycled materials.

Our products use a patent-pending push-and-lock joint, binding all pieces together through friction. Although assembled in seconds, the furniture is sturdy, stable, safe, and ready for use. The pieces are modular, allowing for customization and personalized living space.

Our furniture is designed for the young, the adventuring, and the “nomads” of our day following opportunity wherever it may present itself. Visit our KickStarter page here:

nomad book case

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Sarah - August 14, 2012 Reply

The Method (Build?) reminds me of the german company “Werkhaus” ( They make mostly racks (from tiny to giant), but also tables and furniture in the same way like Nomad for many years. The biggest thing I saw was a counter at the “Hundertwasser-Bahnhof Uelzen” (a small train station in Uelzen, Germany with a lot of art)build that way. I got to know these for shop utilities. They are very handy and easy to build on and off. Nomads idea is a great one. Hope they succeed.



Pam - August 14, 2012 Reply

These look like a great thing for travel nurses like myself!

Will - August 15, 2012 Reply

This furniture looks about as durable as that available from Office Max or Office Depot. Furniture that will be used for years should be built to that standard. This particle board design looks like it should last a year or two. But isn’t it pretty?

    BruceMcF - August 15, 2012 Reply

    I’ve bought and used a big Office Depot style desk for a house, and then tried to move it.

    It lasted a number of years just fine in place, but it didn’t stand up well to the rigors of the move and was never quite the same again, even after re-gluing and bracing.

    It looks to me that if we had had a desk along this type of design, it would have easily disassembled for the move and re-assembled after the move without a hitch.

Mario Cordova - August 17, 2012 Reply

I am Single guy living in a studio apt, and this stuff is a great concept hope it does well. Might get in on the funding the coffee table and desk appeal to me

Beth - August 18, 2012 Reply

I am the mother of a nomad, currently struggling with the ‘furniture issue. Bravo, nomad, bravo

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