Tiny Timber Frame Update

I’ve been wanting to do an update on Ian’s timber frame tiny house that he has been building in Worcester, Massachusetts.  You can view the original post here and get Ian’s story. Ian has been building the house in a firehouse building and just moved it to its permanent location. Here is what Ian says:

I just finished moving my house from my shop at the Firehouse to a spot in the woods on the other side of the city. There is still work to do before I move into it, but it is a huge relief to have finished the move. There are many pictures and a short video of the first part of the move on my blog

Tiny House Moving Day (Ode to teamwork) from pvander on Vimeo.


4 Comments Tiny Timber Frame Update

  1. MJ

    Excellent! And what a wonderful place to work on a project. Looking forward to the second half of the move (and interior shots, of course).

  2. Freth

    This thing should last for a few centuries!! The timbers in it are as solid as those in a european building I saw, which was built around 1250.

  3. liz

    Great little house!
    How about taking the music out of the video and doing a voice over about the building.
    you could include things like how big it is, what kind of joinery you used, Where the materials came from, how much it weighs and what it will be used for.

    1. No, Liz

      That would be a terrific way to make this video so, so boring. Left as is it’s quite entertaining and interesting.


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