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At first glance you would not think of Cabin Creek Timber Frame company as a tiny house builder. If you view their site you will see huge timber frame homes. But don’t let this first impression fool you. I discovered that Cabin Creek Timber Frames takes their left over wood and builds tiny structures. Recently I communicated with Norma Jo Bell who gave me some information I wanted to share with you about this alternate building style for tiny houses.


I personally think the 12 x 16 with the half loft would make a great tiny home….at a great price. One could enclose it with (SIPS) structurally insulated panels and have an extremely energy efficient unit. Depending on how it was finished out it could even qualify for the ‘new home’ tax credit. The 12ft x 12 ft compound joinery frame in the video is not on attached price list yet but it will sell for $6,000.

The 12 ft x 12 ft compound joinery timber frame and the 12 ft by 16 ft with half loft are both made with surplus lumber from other timber frame projects — thus the low cost.

All of our frames have been trial assembled in our beamery. So they can be reassembled anywhere. We can either reassemble them for you or send a detailed drawing of where the pieces go. Every piece has a handwritten number that corresponds with its location and sometimes direction in the timber frame.

Right now the prices are about a dollar a mile to the recipients location from our beamery here in Franklin, NC. If the frame is small they usually share the load with some thing else going near that location to save on costs. We have been using Custom Transport out of Brooksville, IN, 1-800-338-6288, as a jobber for our shipping. We have been quite happy with them for the past 1-1/2 to 2 years now.

The low prices on these frames – have a reason…. they are not ‘custom’ they were either cut when we had some down time or cut by one of our craftsmen to raise extra money for themselves. We put them on display outside our beamery and people like what they see and stop. These frames are not something we have all the time….while not built for a specific person – they are still at this time one of a kind.

They are handcrafted by our timber framers not cut by machines. We would invite you to compare our craftmenship to anyone that does timber framing regardless of where they are.

So if you thinking of a timber frame tiny house be sure and check out Cabin Creek Timber Frames.


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Brian Moore - November 7, 2009 Reply

People are taking more interest in timber frame houses due to their classic looks and easy and cost effective methods to decor. Although I lived in a conventional house but also have a log home in Vancouver, Canada. Its a classy hand crafted log home which I used to spend my weekends…It really helps me to relax myself and to get ready to face the strenuous work of a complete week ahead. One thing more that I have observed Timber frame or log homes are more energy efficient as you have to spend less for heating and cooling purposes.

Louise - November 7, 2009 Reply

Super neat! I love these gorgeous frames.

Benjamin - November 7, 2009 Reply


It looks like something you would use as a porch or shelter, something that would just get a roof, with no walls.

(Uh oh! He stood on the top of the ladder while on camera.)

Norma Jo Bell - January 31, 2010 Reply

Timber frames structures predate man-made metal nails. They were originally put together with ‘tunnels’ = tree nails. Timber Frames are structural in and of themselves. You can put your interior walls where ever you want them…then later who ever inherits or buys the house can take down the interior walls and put new interior walls up where he or she desires them; without affecting the structural integrity of the timber frame.

Joe - May 14, 2010 Reply

Thanks for the mention, guys! We’ve enjoyed helping you with your frames, you guys make some excellent frames. Thanks, Joe Yunger,

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