Frontier Fortress a New Kind of Tiny House

by Noah Hedges

A new kind of Tiny House is being created on the eastern edge of the Continental Divide, where the Badlands meet the forest of the Rocky Mountains in Dubois, Wyoming. A product of their environment and culture, Frontier Fortress is building with strength, durability, and sustainability in mind. Several functions set these Tiny Homes apart from the crowd: most importantly their use of big, strong, posts and beams. The goal was to design and build a Tiny House that combines these elements in an artistic approach – they’ve taken the craft of building with big timbers and joined it with modern architectural flair.

Tie Hack Fort

Frontier Fortress Tiny Homes start with a modular post and beam design. The “frame” of the house is built from 8″x8″ pine and fir logs, held with timber frame joinery and connected with the patented Timberlinx system. The size of these pieces can be handled by two people and assembled and disassembled with ease. 8″x8″ timbers were chosen to accept conventionally framed 2×6 in-fill panels. This combination of a robust timber-frame and substantial wall-panel framing propagates a building which is super-strong and highly insulated. All created with natural materials, non-chemical finishes, energy efficient utilities and appliances, keeping a minimal carbon-footprint in mind.

tie hack interior

Functionality is very important to Frontier Fortress. All homes must be intended to live in. Whether a permanent dwelling, vacation home, accessory building or retreat – a Tiny House must feel more than tiny, it needs to have personality, warmth, compatibility, and an inviting character. These are real places to dwell within, start a family, write a book, run a business or a safe hide-out on the weekends.

Customization is an important feature of a Tiny House. Frontier Fortress works with the customer to select interior and exterior finishes, color schemes, appliances, utilities, window and door specifications, lighting and more- because they know every end-user has varying preferences. The home starts as a “basic” shell created with locally-sourced materials and may be finished at their shop or at the customer’s location – this enables the most efficient use of materials.

tie hack house

Frontier Fortress is designing within the 200, 400 and 600 square-footage categories because they believe that these three will fit any household’s needs- also, their modular approach allows them to be added or multiplied when necessary. The debut model “Tie-hack Fort” is a two-story house sitting on a 10’x12′ platform; it achieves almost 100 square feet of upstairs space with a full-sized downstairs bathroom and kitchen with plenty of work-space. This house showcases their post and beam system on a compact footprint, includes many features yet to be seen in a Tiny House and can be owned for less than $30,000.

The Frontier Fortress Tiny House is meant to last a lifetime and feel extraordinary for the duration. Please visit their website for more photographs, technical drawings, ethos, commentary and specific model information.


Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape of the the Wheelhaus Wedge set in the beautiful state of Wyoming. This is one one of my favorite park model homes and I hope to one day visit and stay in one of these. Actually the model I personally like the best is the Caboose style. If you are interested in seeing more of Wheelhaus designs click here.

These park models are located in a high end resort called Fireside Resort at the Jackson Hole Campground. Here is what they say about themselves.

Jackson Hole’s first nature lodging experience and only luxury summer and ski cabin resort. Each of our 19 one-bedroom Fireside Cabins represent a combination of both rustic and modern design. Located just minutes from the slopes and Grand Teton National Park, Firside Resort is the perfect choice for all seasons. Jackson Hole luxury lodging that is truly one of a kind.

This is the kind of understated quality, simplified luxury and access to nature that you can relax yourself into. Warm and inviting. Rustic and simple. Cozy up in one of our many Jackson Hole cabin rentals. Your own private campfire is just a match away. The s’mores are on us!

No this is not an ad, I’m just really impressed and I love the photo of the tiny home/cabin in a landscape. Do you have a favorite place in a beautiful setting? Please send your photo to me at tinyhouseblog (at) Thank you!

Wheelhaus Wedge cabin

Tiny House in a Landscape

JT sent this week’s Tiny House in a Landscape feature photograph. JT says: On Saturday May 25th my wife and I went for a drive to Devil’s Kitchen, it’s off Route 14 between Shell and Greybull, Wyoming. On the way there we found this tiny house being built.

It has an interesting location and looks like it is being built over a wash on stilts. I hope JT will go back and see it when it is completed. Thanks JT for sharing this little dwelling with us.

Devils Kitchen cabin