Writing in the Digital Age

A month or two ago I invited you to take part in Tammy Strobel’s photography course “Everyday Magic.” It was well received and quite a few of you signed up and learned a lot from it. Tammy contacted me the other day wondering if the Tiny House Blog readers would be interested in her writing course entitled “Writing in the Digital Age?” I decided the answer was yes. In fact I am signing up to take the course myself. Here is a little more about it from Tammy and then you can decide if this something you would enjoy taking.

Tammy Strobel

In this four-week, self-guided course, I will teach you how to tell your story in the digital age, how to feed your creative juices, how to make time to write, and much more. I’ll share insights, inspiration, and the lessons I’ve learned over the last five years as a writer, blogger and photographer. In addition, you’ll hear from a variety of guest experts too!

During this course you’ll receive:

  • In-depth writing lessons that will empower you to write on your blog, in your journal, or wherever your heart desires.
  • Access to a private blog, writing resources, and lesson archives.
  • Writing prompts.
  • The option to join a private Facebook group.
  • At the end of the class, you’ll receive a PDF document that includes the course materials.

If you are interested in learning more and signing up you can click on this link: http://rowdykittens.com/digitalwriting/

For those of you wanting to get a taste of Tammy’s writing, she is having a special ebook sale right now where you can get Smalltopia: A Practical Guide to Working for Yourself and Go Small & Be Happy: A Little Book of Essays for the low price of $1.99 each. Click here to read more about them or to purchase them. http://rowdykittens.com/writing/

writing in the digital age

Joyful Paws Cottage

Barbara Techel is a writer who recently finished her first adult nonfiction book in memorial to her wheelchair-bound dog, Frankie. Frankie’s story and other stories about animals who have changed Barbara’s life were envisioned and brought to life in Barbara’s 10×12 foot writing studio which sits just behind her 1,100 square foot house in Wisconsin. Even though Barbara still lives in the larger house, she has been actively thinking about tiny spaces ever since reading Tammy Stroble’s new book You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap).


“I’ve begun smart-sizing the stuff in my home, donating many things to second-hand shops as we begin to think about moving to a tiny, or least a tinier home, in the future,” Barbara said. “When I started telling my husband about tiny home living and subscribing online to tiny house communities and blogs, he really embraced the idea also.”

Her tiny studio was built over the course of 3-4 weeks by her husband, who’s a contractor, and has been decorated in a cottage style by Barbara. Her husband, seeing that his wife spent a lot of time reading and relaxing in her little space, named the studio MySpace.calm. Continue reading

Tiny Yellow Teardrop

I recently started a new blog just for teardrop trailers. After traveling around and camping in my tiny yellow teardrop for about five years, I’ve received a wide range of accolades, comments and questions. I thought a blog would be the best place to address these questions and put up posts for anyone who has considered purchasing or building a teardrop trailer.

The blog will focus mainly on my own teardrop trailer and the experiences of camping in a teardrop, but I will also be featuring various teardrop builders and owners, including my friend Guy, who lives in his trailer full time. I will also be posting camping tips, tricks and recipes, campgrounds, teardrop manufacturers and, of course, lots of photos.

I would love to hear any questions you may have about teardrop trailers and I’ll do my best to address them. Also, please let me know of any teardrop owners or builders who would like to be featured. Here is the link to the blog http://tinyyellowteardrop.blogspot.com/

Photo by Christina Nellemann

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]