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Collapsible bowtop wagon on Instructables

Instructables contributor and tiny house enthusiast, ganeshruskin, built and actually lived in an 8×4 foot collapsible bowtop wagon. His design is reminiscent of both a European vardo and a western sheep wagon. The plans and instructions are available on the the Instructables website.

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Barrel Top Wagons Living Wagon

Many shepherd wagons don’t have the functionality of a tiny home and are not really for full time living, however Barrel Top Wagons near Dartmoor National Park in southern England might be building some of most beautiful and practical mobile wagons around. Now they just have to make it over the the U.S. 🙂

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Handmade Matt’s Truck Camper

The December issue of the Tiny House Magazine has a story about handmade, wooden truck campers in it and one of most talked about versions on the Web is the whimsical truck camper designed and built by Handmade Matt. Matt is a craftsman and tiny house enthusiast from Surrey, England and is currently available as […]

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