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Gypsy Wagon Design and Build Seminars

Last year I let you know about a coveted workshop offered up in Port Townsend, Washington on Gypsy Wagon design and builds. Jim Tolpin contacted me the other day to give me the schedule for the 2010 year. Jim says, “We’ve shortened the seminars to three days to focus on design development and to make […]

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Katy’s “Don Vardo” for Sale

The other day I gave you a peak at Katy’s Vardo and yesterday she sent me pictures of the completed vardo which she is officially calling the “Don Vardo.” I knew it would be beautiful as Katy’s craftsmanship showed through even in the very beginning of the build. But when I first saw the pictures, […]

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Katy’s Vardo

Last July, KT Anderson and Dee Williams had a workshop in Portland, Oregon and the group started the construction on a tiny house house on wheels as part of the workshop. I have been in touch with Katy and Dee as I wanted to see their completed project. I am calling the project Katy’s Vardo and […]

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