Ben’s Tiny House

(Fall 2011 – Summer 2012)

My name is Ben Norton. This is my tiny house story. A neighbor of mine was all excited about your blog and showed me lots of really cool tiny houses that people have built. I was hooked. I just said, “That’s what I’m going to do,” and I just started; buying materials as I had money. I don’t think anyone really thought I was serious because I was eleven years old at the time.


Growing up, my parents gave my brother and me skills that many kids don’t have. We worked on lots of different projects with real hammers, nails and wood. From an early age I was like a sponge and absorbed all I could about power tools, building, tree cutting, engine repair, and even asking the right people for advice and help. Continue reading

Ella’s Tiny House Story

Guest Post by Ella Jenkins

I’m Ella, a 23 year old musician and artist just out of college and I’m in the process of building my very own Tumbleweed Fencl. I’ve been in love with tiny houses from the moment it came to my attention they existed in 2010, and I’ve been saving my money ever since. Finally, last September, I bought a trailer and my step-dad and I began the grand construction!

I have never built a thing in my life, but with my Dad’s endless tools, know-how, and lectures I’ve taken in so much and the two of us have muddled our way through. It’s amazing what you can learn when you’re passionate!

Photo Credits: Ella Jenkins

We have just gotten the roof on and are now working on putting up cedar siding. I hope to be done around May and find somewhere beautiful to set myself down. This way I can pursue what I love without the worry of financially debilitating rent. Continue reading