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November 1, 2016

Help Make Tiny Houses Legal!

make tiny houses legal

YOUR GUIDE to HELP Tiny Houses become part of Building Codes– Click HERE: https://tinyhousebuild.com/help-legalize-tiny-houses/ WE NEED YOUR HELP to reach as many ICC Voting Members as we can with the PRO-TINY HOUSE MESSAGE! ICC Voting happens: November 8, 2016 to November 21, 2016 WHAT HAPPENED IN KANSAS CITY? October 23, 2016: A group of tiny […]

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The Future of Tiny Housing and the IRC

Likely by now you’ve heard of the proposed tiny house code for IRC 2018. But what are its implications for the future of tiny housing in America? Andrew Morrison, the tiny house luminary behind this historic effort, recently joined us on Tiny House Expedition Radio to discuss the nitty-gritty of the proposal, what it includes and […]

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