Shopping with Intention


Black Friday, that ominous day of the year when hoards of shoppers descend upon malls across America. It is a celebration of consumerism and the holy search for best deals of the year. For many that means stress—long lines, arguments with other shoppers and even injuries. Literally shopping ‘til you drop. It makes me shudder just thinking about it all. This kind of consumerist frenzy showcases some of the worst elements of our more, more, more focused society, namely unhealthy shopping habits.

I used to be a somewhat compulsive & mindless shopper. One of my triggers, discount bins at the front of the store. Before I knew it, I spent ten dollars or more on things I didn’t need because it was a “good deal”. Many of us buy things we don’t really need or don’t even like that much. Shopping as a compulsive behavior, not a meaningful experience that it can be. Continue reading

Tiny House Jamboree Prepares To Rock Out A Second Time

In a rather nondescript field in Colorado Springs, CO tucked within a valley at the shadow of BASS Pro Shop nearly 40,000 people gathered to witness the first ever Tiny House Jamboree. Billed as “the Sturgis of tiny houses”, the Jamboree became a phenomena in its own rite. For three straight days a surging, growing, group of people ambled around the Mining Museum’s lawn to hear over a dozen notable speakers, tour one or all of several tiny houses, and to share conversation with vendors. Heck! Some even showed up to drink a local brew, eat a barbecue sandwich, and just be in the presence of like minded folk. They came from all 50 states, more than a dozen countries, and every socio-economic demographic imaginable.

2016 Jam

Presented by EcoCabins out of Colorado Springs, the event had been hyped up for months with most expecting somewhere between 2500 and 3500 people. No one expected over 35,000 and certainly no one expected the community that formed just within a weekend. But consider such a success to only be a warmup as Zaruba and his team have announced the 2nd Annual Tiny House Jamboree to be held August 5 – August 7, 2016 in Colorado Springs, CO. No more information has been provided as of yet but there is speculation abounding regarding ticket prices, featured speakers, tiny houses on tour, etc however entrepreneur, businessman, and founder of the Jam, Darin Zaruba adds, “After experiencing the first Tiny House Jamboree with the great community, and meeting all the amazing people in this crazy movement, we couldn’t not do it again. It became like a gigantic family reunion, meet and greet, Woodstock festival, and beer fest all rolled into one – all around tiny living. Several people told me it was a life-changing experience, and I took that responsibility seriously. What’s not to love about all that? Had to be done!” Continue reading

What Copyright Means In The Tiny House World

Recently there was an incident in which a set of plans was purchased from a website for a one-off build of a particular tiny house. Before receiving the download a EULA had to be agreed to that specifically outlined the plans as being for a one-time build only. A few months later though it was discovered that this agreement had been negated and the purchaser had used the plans not just to build more than one house but to actually begin a business with the tiny house blueprinted in the plans. It was an inarguable case of copyright infringement. Or was it? Does copyright exist in the digital world? Is intellectual property a real thing? Can a person be sued for breaking a EULA? Just what does copyright mean in the tiny house world?


According to Plagiarism Today,

Copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things you create. Be it a painting, a photograph, a poem, a novel, or a tiny house design, if you created it, you own it and it’s the copyright law itself that assures that ownership. The ownership that copyright law grants comes with several rights that you, as the owner, have exclusively. Those rights include: Continue reading

Snails Away: the Fine Art Tiny House

Crazy carpenter and compulsive customizer, Daniel Weddle, has built a tiny house on wheels so that he can pursue his dreams as a traveling musician.

Daniel Weddle’s tiny house on wheels is Snails Away: the Fiddlin’ Snail, a mobile recording studio tricked out woodcrafter style with custom rock star amenities. (The house’s name stems from a rounded roofline that was inspired by the scroll figurehead of Daniel’s violin.) With his partners, The New Hoosier Broadcasters, Daniel plans to hit the big-time playing old time folk music around the Midwest. Continue reading

Epic Tiny House Mixer Slumgullion

tiny house podcast

Tiny House Podcast is the hottest thing going on in the tiny house movement. Currently enjoying a high iTunes ranking, the show has six of its 18 recorded episodes online. You can now listen to Tiny House Podcast each week on Wednesdays right here on Tiny House Blog.

The show is co-hosted by Michelle Boyle of My Empty Nest fame. She is joined by Mark Grimes and Perry Gruber, two guys who fell in love with tiny houses two years ago. Mark and Perry run production, scheduling and operations as well as co-hosting with Michelle.

Tiny House Podcast bills itself as “an irreverent look at the hottest housing movement in the world”. The show comes in two formats which alternate each week; a 20-minute format where the hosts riff off a tiny house subject, and a 45-minute format featuring a guest. The show is not exclusive to tiny houses per se. Much like Tiny House Blog they cover a wider variety of topics than what some tiny housers might. That makes the show unpredictability funny, entertaining and interesting. We’ll post each weekly episode right here. Be sure to visit and listen.

S1E6 – Epic Tiny House Mixer Slumgullion
Mark and Michelle share their experience with two events that happened in Portland, Oregon this summer: the Big Tiny House Conference and the Tiny House mixer. Michelle gets intimate with a family of four Tiny House visitors only to realize she’s not the extrovert she thought she was!