Happy New Year 2014

Wow, where did this last year go? So much has happened in the last year in the tiny house world that I feel like I still am trying to catch up on it all. So many people building tiny houses, it is thrilling to see. I enjoy all the new blogs and websites of people sharing there stories and appreciate so many of you letting me pass them on via the Tiny House Blog.

The growth continues to amaze me as I come into the seventh year of publishing this blog. It has been fun to see the Tiny House Magazine publish issue number 12. A full year of an experiment that I believe has officially become a real product. Thank you to those faithful writers who make it happen.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings to the tiny house movement. I think we are just getting ready to really take off as interest continues to grow. Happy New Year to you all!

Kent Griswold
Tiny House Blog

2014 tiny house

Ideas for Living in Really Small Houses

by Mark Mathis

Interview with Kent Griswold of Tiny House Blog

Kent and I had a conversation that covers several different topics ranging from where the small house movement started, some smart ideas for living comfortably in a small home, items to consider when building a tiny house, some of the benefits of living in a smaller home, and much more…

  • Ideas for living comfortably in a smaller, space-efficient home.
  • Where the “tiny house” movement began and some of the benefits of living a pared down lifestyle.
  • How local building code restrictions may affect your choice to build a small house.
  • Where to find inspirational stories of other people who have actually built these type homes and why they did it.
  • Where to find a reputable small house builder in your local area.
  • Where to get ideas for your small house.

Plus a whole lot more!


Build Your Dream Home

Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was discovered on Pinterest. It was simply entitled “Cozy” and did not have a link to where it was discovered.

The colors reminded me of fall and this time of thanksgiving. The scenery is perfect for this little house. Pinterest is a great place to follow tiny houses and you can follow the Tiny House Blog Pinterest page here. Have a wonderful weekend!