Tiny House Community Workshop in Ojai

Lina and Lee at the Tiny House Jamboree

TINY HOUSE COMMUNITY WORKSHOP | Friday, November 13th 1pm-5pm | Ojai, CA

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade

  • Are you a tiny house enthusiast or builder interested in forming a tiny house community?
  • Are you a landowner who would like to start a tiny house community?
  • Are you a city official interested in learning more about tiny houses and their potential in cities and towns?

Join us for a half-day workshop on tiny house communities and city zoning. All topics above will be covered during this comprehensive four hour workshop.

Sol Haus Design is excited to bring two seasoned experts in forming tiny house communities. Lina Menard of Niche Consulting and Lee Pera of Boneyard Studios will lead participants through different models for how to form tiny house communities, how to look for available land, zoning considerations, and how to work with city officials and neighbors to set up a tiny house community responsibly.

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Larkspur: How to Live in a Tiny House with Kids

Eco-mom Kassandra Brown is on an expedition to explore love, belonging and connection while living in a sustainable tiny house with her kids.

Is there a correlation between the tininess of a house and the intimacy shared by the family dwelling within? If so, do close walls mean close connections, or do cramped conditions lead to cranky cohabitants? Kassandra Brown and her daughters, Jasmine and Kaylynn, have been an invaluable case study for me in answering this question. They live in Larkspur, one of the oldest and most storied family dwellings at Dancing Rabbit Eco-village.

Larkspur is not merely a tiny house; it is an evolving organism with a life of its own. It is a dynamic expression of its builders, several generations of owners, the land beneath its foundations and the community for which it has become a beloved landmark. Its form continues to shift and change in time with the needs of its inhabitants, even as their needs are influenced by the qualities of the house itself. Continue reading

Tiny House Podcast features the one, the only, Macy Miller

tiny house podcast

The 13th episode of Tiny House Podcast, features the one, the only, Macy Miller – pregnant no less – as she waxes philosophically on tiny houses, her experience with tiny house fame, approaching tiny houses “the right way” and what it’s like living in the fishbowl that is her life. Mark, Michelle and Perry find themselves at a loss of words, humbled before Macy’s expertise, her dedication to family, design, living authentically and listening to her dreams. Listen in. We think you’ll love it.

My Tiny House Horse Trailer

horse trailer tiny home

Guest Post by Tom Hebert

In 2002, I designed and built this as a combination horse trailer and live-in camper. Come the Millennium and I could live in it. It is the only trailer designed and built in America to be pulled by a four-cylinder vehicle. I get up to 19 MPG on the road and it will go and has gone, just about everywhere a trailer can go. The design key to the design, is that it is a single-axle, which is actually safer than a four-wheel horse trailer because one takes care of the tires carefully. Most flats on horse trailers occur because folks don’t take care of the tires. And this rig is built stronger than other horse trailers. Plus after many thousands of miles over 13 years, my horse still loves to travel in it. Note the large window he can see out of while I can watch him to see that everything is okay back there. Continue reading