Tiny Home Update

tiny home

by Audrey Michelle

It’s been far too long since I posted an update on my tiny home… like, four months too long! ;)

It really amazes me how much this “movement” has taken off!

I’ve made quite a few changes around the tiny home, and I’m rather happy with the way things look, now. I feel like it’s finally coming together. My next project is working on the upstairs bedroom/loft area. I need to maximize space and upgrade the whole “college dorm room” feel currently happening. ;)



Upon entering my tiny home, you first see my personalized dresser from the Target Closetmaid collection. It’s actually two pieces stacked on top of each other, and I’ve managed to fit most of my clothing inside! Just to the left of the dresser, I keep the ladder to my loft propped against the wall. As you may recall, this attaches to that black beam for easy access to the loft, and quick removal when not in use!

On the right is the kitchen table, which is where my desk used to be. I just felt like it opened up the house more with the setup this way.



The tiny house layout is basically a square, so along the same wall as the kitchen table is where my sewing machine and computer now reside. As well as a mirror I swapped from my bathroom. My landlord told me that a mirror makes a space appear larger, so I was all over that! I also love how Callee posed for some of these pics ;)

The “main room” is more open now with the table in a different place, and I like that!



So when I’m sitting on the couch, this is what I now see:



The view from the other side of the room. It’s amazing how that mirror trick really works!

I still need to consider some curtains, but what for, really?!?!! :P



The kitchen and my now-complete water heater/table combo which is perfect for housing the Vitamix and this funky little lamp I got at a second-hand store.



And then there’s the viking. The personalized, one-of-a-kind viking oven/microwave/steamer combo. Apparently viking is kind of a big deal. Every one of my foodie friends that sees it is like, “daaaannng, you have a VIKING?!?!” My landlord told me he had to custom-design the structure around this “mini-viking.” It is sui generis and I may be the only person in the world with a mini-viking in my mini-house!

So, seriously – thanks again, Jeff! ;)



And so I took out the mirror in the bathroom and hung it in the living room. I replaced it with this cute little mirror I also found at the second-hand store. And my landlord installed this sweet medicine cabinet for extra storage space. I love how it fit right into the wall!

And who doesn’t love a clawfoot tub?! It could be my favorite part of the house. ;)

PS – A few people commented on the toilet last time I posted. I do have a fully functional and practical commode which only uses 1.3 gallons of water per flush!


Thanks for taking the latest tour with me! Stay tuned for more updates. And please comment below if you are a “tiny home” dweller, as well!

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Colin's House

Colin’s Coastal Cabin to learn more go to these two links: http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house-concept/colins-coastal-cabin/ and http://tinyhouseblog.com/tag/colin-carpenter/

Tiny Mountain Town

by Audrey Michelle

Have you ever been the first at anything? This is my first “first”…

I am the first person to live in this amazing tiny home in the Rocky Mountains. I have only been a resident of “tiny mountain town” for 3 weeks, but it has given my heart a tremendous sense of peace and I love having everything I own in 300 square feet! I began downsizing my life about 5 years ago when I sold most of my belongings and moved to New York City. This paved the road that would turn out to guide me to a {very liberating and rewarding} minimalist lifestyle.

I was fortunate to meet the builder of this amazing tiny home last year. Legacy Homes of Aspen provides construction services all along the Roaring Fork Valley. Almost every time a job is complete, what remains is leftover materials that often tend to be discarded because the client doesn’t want them. This spawned a creative idea in the owner Jeff’s mind, as it was difficult for him to continue to watch perfectly good building material go to waste.

“There is nothing wrong with this material; it is often bought in excess or mis-picked, therefore it cannot be used for the job at hand,” Jeff explains. “I had the space on my property in the mountains to build a tiny home using these discarded materials.” Jeff is definitely a builder, “I love using my hands to create things,” he says. This project was obviously pretty personal to him, and I feel blessed to be “deserving” of this place to call home for now. The Universe provided the opportunity, and I completely jumped on it, heart first! :)

Here are some photographs of the finished product, prior to me moving in.

tiny house

tiny mountain home :)

big yard

nice big yard, and the big beautiful Rocky Mountains at every corner…

view from the back

view from the back…

outside dining space

outside dining space…

amazing views

amazing views…

outside lamp

complete with outside heat lamp and fire pit for these cool fall nights…

living room

a 200-square foot {furnished} living space…

mini kitchen

a fully functional and practical mini-kitchen…

claw foot tub

personalized claw-foot tub {score!}…


and a sleeping loft!

Home Sweet {Tiny} Home! :)

audrey michelle