TV Show Casting Tiny House Enthusiasts

by Kent Griswold on January 10th, 2014. 74 Comments


Are you building a tiny home or funky small space in the upcoming months? Let a major network TV show help turn it into an amazing tiny dream home!  

A major network and award-winning production company are seeking individuals and families nationwide that are planning on downsizing their home, and are looking to build and move into a tiny house, or funky small living space. In this brand new series, a team of expert builders and designers will help you design and build an amazing small dream home.

Interested individuals, couples & families must be looking for new tiny home, cabin, cottage, apartment, trailer, etc. anywhere in the USA, and are hoping to purchase within the next 2-6 months. Interested applicants must be willing to tell their story on national television, and let a team of experts help make their tiny dream a breathtaking reality!

We are seeking all kinds of tiny homes (cabins, cottages, trailers, etc.), but we are especially seeking projects that involve urban micro homes, floating houses and container conversion homes.

To apply, and for details and requirements, please fill out the application by clicking the following link: 

Do you already live in a tiny home or funky small space? Let a major network TV show showcase your amazing space, and tell your story on National TV!

We are also seeking individuals and families nationwide that have moved into a tiny house, or funky small living space.  Whether it’s tiny home, cabin, cottage, apartment, trailer, etc., we want to showcase the most unique and inspiring small spaces in the country! If this is you or someone you know, we want to hear from you!

To apply, please fill out the application by clicking the following link:

For inquiries or to apply, email pictures and the following information to name, location, build budget, information on who will live with you, why you are choosing to live in a tiny home, and what you would like your space to look like. Also include contact information as well.

Colin's House

Colin’s Coastal Cabin to learn more go to these two links: and

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Tiny Mountain Town

by Kent Griswold on November 13th, 2013. 79 Comments

by Audrey Michelle

Have you ever been the first at anything? This is my first “first”…

I am the first person to live in this amazing tiny home in the Rocky Mountains. I have only been a resident of “tiny mountain town” for 3 weeks, but it has given my heart a tremendous sense of peace and I love having everything I own in 300 square feet! I began downsizing my life about 5 years ago when I sold most of my belongings and moved to New York City. This paved the road that would turn out to guide me to a {very liberating and rewarding} minimalist lifestyle.

I was fortunate to meet the builder of this amazing tiny home last year. Legacy Homes of Aspen provides construction services all along the Roaring Fork Valley. Almost every time a job is complete, what remains is leftover materials that often tend to be discarded because the client doesn’t want them. This spawned a creative idea in the owner Jeff’s mind, as it was difficult for him to continue to watch perfectly good building material go to waste.

“There is nothing wrong with this material; it is often bought in excess or mis-picked, therefore it cannot be used for the job at hand,” Jeff explains. “I had the space on my property in the mountains to build a tiny home using these discarded materials.” Jeff is definitely a builder, “I love using my hands to create things,” he says. This project was obviously pretty personal to him, and I feel blessed to be “deserving” of this place to call home for now. The Universe provided the opportunity, and I completely jumped on it, heart first! :)

Here are some photographs of the finished product, prior to me moving in.

tiny house

tiny mountain home :)

big yard

nice big yard, and the big beautiful Rocky Mountains at every corner…

view from the back

view from the back…

outside dining space

outside dining space…

amazing views

amazing views…

outside lamp

complete with outside heat lamp and fire pit for these cool fall nights…

living room

a 200-square foot {furnished} living space…

mini kitchen

a fully functional and practical mini-kitchen…

claw foot tub

personalized claw-foot tub {score!}…


and a sleeping loft!

Home Sweet {Tiny} Home! :)

audrey michelle

My Beautiful Tiny Home in Bethesda

by Kent Griswold on November 6th, 2013. 54 Comments

by Julie Olson

My tiny home is made by Molecule Tiny Homes. It is a 137 sq foot home, not including two lofts. It is 17ft long and I use it as a home and a traveling office/ hotel. I am currently looking for a better truck to pull it and I have little things I want to do to it. I want to paint the walls a white wash or wood bleach them and paint the outside with jewltone colors.

I have been living in here since August 2013.

I picked it up in California on July 17, 2013 and drove it and my new truck it came with (from the builders) across the country back to Maryland by August 27. It was a chore, but I grew from it and felt sooo brave. My brother came with me and it was great to reconnect for us both. I love letting people see my home because I love the simple life, and I think people do too. Small homes feel cozy, fun, and appeal to the fort builder in all of us.

I love to touch the ceiling and feel all the knots in the wood.

Julie and her house

This house inspired me to attend a tiny house workshop, sign up for Habitat for Humanity and Restore as well as consider going back to school for industrial/green/interior design.

I haven’t named my house yet. I will after taking it across country to work and study in the next two years. My cats and dog love the house. And they love to come out and explore too! I put in the cat door to the bathroom myself and I designed the stairs and closet as well as the layout. I was so lucky to get in separately with Molecule Tiny Homes and meet Jay Shaffeur. I hope one day to work with him.

My next house will be bigger and made by me (5-7yr plan). This one was meant for travel. I also want to create a camper van out of a van/minibus/etc. so I can go off the beaten path and not have to worry about gas or bridge heights.

interior of house

I love the tiny, green, portable, multi-use, minimalist, hunter gatherer life!

My favorite space in the house is beneath the skylight that opens up.

It is solar and tankless and can be hooked up to city lines in a snap. It also has an escape door in the bathroom so that I have a way out of my house in a fire or an attack. The escape door also functions as a awesome viewing feature if you are sitting in the tub and want a beautiful view whether you’re in your bathing suit or in a remote area it’s really cool.

porch on house

Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on March 15th, 2013. 7 Comments

Adam Nash photographed this beautiful photo this week. Here is what he says: I took this photo up near Mt. Baker Ski Area in the Washington Cascades. It appears that this small A-frame (potentially a tiny home) has an incredible one-of-a-kind view of Mt. Shuksan. It doesn’t get any more idyllic.

The bloggable part of this scene is the ‘tiny home’ on the hill. A home with a window looking out at the whole Mt. Shuksan massif 24/7. For me a window is infinitely better than any framed piece of art on the wall. It glows! It radiates! Its like a backlit, ever appropriately changing, landscape photograph. It never feels wrong.

No one, in a house of a natural setting, ever said, “I wish there were less windows.”

Given the opportunity to live here with an original Ansel Adams print hanging on the wall or a simple window, which would you choose? Leave a comment. Pin it, share it. Spread your love of all things amazing in this world. And do good things. -AND Click here to see more of Adams photography.

Adam Nash Photo