Cottage on the Hill

by Zinta Aistars

I’ve long enjoyed Tiny House Blog, admiring the philosophy and the tiny houses. In March 2012, I moved to a 100+ year old farmhouse in southwest Michigan on 10 acres, my dream come true, sweeter still because it had a tiny cottage on a wooded hill.

This fall, I weatherized the cottage, added a small deck, an outhouse, painted it inside, furnished it, creating a writer’s retreat. With its quirky angles and mismatched windows, it’s been likened to a place from a Tim Burton movie, or from Dr. Seuss. No two windows match, each are at a different height. It’s approximately 120 sq. feet on the main floor, 80 on the upper floor.

cottage on a hill

Cottage on the Hill, or COTH as I have come to call it, reminds me a little of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, that tiny cabin in which the writer lived for several years. Actually, it is more expansive than Thoreau’s, as it has approximately 120 square feet on the main floor, and a stepladder up to a second floor of about 80 square feet. And, in cooler weather, a space heater adds warmth.

Being a writer, I found it irresistible, conducive to meditations in solitude, connecting to one’s Muse while being completely “unplugged” from the busy world seemingly so far, far away … although, admittedly, the Cottage does have electricity! Continue reading

I’m Selling my Tiny Cabin on a River in Oregon

by Travis Moles

Hello all

Going up for sale in August 2012.

Tiny Cabin on a River, one hour West of Portland, Oregon.

Reasons That Might Persuade:

  • It’s on a coastal river in Oregon that has a Salmon Run!
  • It’s located smack in the coastal range, in a landscape dominated by wildness.
  • There is a forest maintained hiking trail within walking distance.
  • There is a wild river located a few miles away (river with no road along it -very rare in the US).
  • There is a mountain lake located a few miles away with a healthy fish population.
  • There is nothing but forest in every direction, except for my AWESOME neighbors upstream, which I can’t really even see from the cabin.
  • The property is small, yet there are a multitude of places inside and out to nestle oneself with the main presence always being that of the river.
  • Alternative construction process: It’s built modular with as much recycled and local materials as I could scrounge (more details in building section). I used a vegetable oil powered truck to acquire materials and haul them there.
  • 5 miles away is a small general store with everything from food and wireless internet to pipe fittings and gas/diesel. There’s good cell service there. It’s nice to be able to go to the cabin and have a focused removed time, with the option to leave and check up on any real world commitments if need be. I like that I have to leave the cabin to do this.

Tiny House in a Landscape

Tiny House in a Landscape

I wanted to give everyone an idea the type of photographs I would like to encourage people to find for this feature.

I really enjoy photos where the subject is the relationship of the cabin or hut with its environment often at a distance.

I like the way that In a good photo, the cabin and the landscape enhance each other, providing scale and human values; loneliness, shelter, warmth, seclusion etc.

Grand Canyon

Following are a few more examples of unique settings of tiny houses. Look in your area for photos like this or online, please continue to submit your finds to tinyhouseblog(at) Thank you and enjoy!

Martha's Vineyard




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