Writing in the Digital Age

A month or two ago I invited you to take part in Tammy Strobel’s photography course “Everyday Magic.” It was well received and quite a few of you signed up and learned a lot from it. Tammy contacted me the other day wondering if the Tiny House Blog readers would be interested in her writing course entitled “Writing in the Digital Age?” I decided the answer was yes. In fact I am signing up to take the course myself. Here is a little more about it from Tammy and then you can decide if this something you would enjoy taking.

Tammy Strobel

In this four-week, self-guided course, I will teach you how to tell your story in the digital age, how to feed your creative juices, how to make time to write, and much more. I’ll share insights, inspiration, and the lessons I’ve learned over the last five years as a writer, blogger and photographer. In addition, you’ll hear from a variety of guest experts too!

During this course you’ll receive:

  • In-depth writing lessons that will empower you to write on your blog, in your journal, or wherever your heart desires.
  • Access to a private blog, writing resources, and lesson archives.
  • Writing prompts.
  • The option to join a private Facebook group.
  • At the end of the class, you’ll receive a PDF document that includes the course materials.

If you are interested in learning more and signing up you can click on this link: http://rowdykittens.com/digitalwriting/

For those of you wanting to get a taste of Tammy’s writing, she is having a special ebook sale right now where you can get Smalltopia: A Practical Guide to Working for Yourself and Go Small & Be Happy: A Little Book of Essays for the low price of $1.99 each. Click here to read more about them or to purchase them. http://rowdykittens.com/writing/

writing in the digital age

Tammy Strobel and Everyday Magic

My passion for tiny houses is followed by another passion, photography. I often blend the two and the Tiny House Blog allows me to use both passions in a unique way.

My good friend and fellow tiny house enthusiast Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kitten’s fame is also a photographer and a writer. She has brought these two talents together into a photography course called Everyday Magic. About a year ago I had the privilege of taking her course and I really enjoyed it. Now days I shoot most of my photography via a smartphone and post my photos on Instagram and you can view my photos here http://instagram.com/kentgriswold

I really enjoyed this course and if you have an interest in improving your photography and learning some new ideas I’d like to invite you to check this course out.

Everyday Magic

Tammy says:

Everyday Magic” will spark your creative juices and help you get in touch with the joy of taking photos. Throughout the course, I will give you tips and tools to improve your photography practice. However, this is not a highly technical ecourse. You will learn how to take better photos and have fun along the way!

Class starting in a few days!

Click Here to learn all the details and to register.

Rowdy Kittens and Smalltopia Interview

Kacie Erickson did a recent interview with Tammy and Logan of Rowdy Kittens and Smalltopia that she’s allowed me to share with you. Here is what Kacie had to say:

“I thought I’d share with you the interview I just had with Logan & Tammy, it was so fun getting to pick their brains…they BOTH have such a way of inspiring with words.”

Kacie though that it might inspire some of you too! Click Here to read her interview.

Logan and Tammy interview


Tiny House Powermover

Holly recently contacted me and had a question about moving a tiny mobile house once you had it near it’s final location. She had seen an article somewhere and was looking for it. I knew right off she was talking about the Powermover that Dee Williams and Logan Smith have used to move homes in the Portland area.

Dee and Powermover

Photograph by Tammy Strobel

I wrote to Logan and he filled me in on what they use. Logan says: I believe the tool name is an “electric dolly” but the commercial name of the tool we purchased was “Powermover” from a fellow named Brady outside of Los Angeles, CA. The website for the Powermover is http://www.powermoverinc.net/ Continue reading

The Tiny r(E)volution Podcast Schedule

by Andrew Odom

The Tiny r(E)volution podcast is growing more and more each week. The message of small living is expanding by nearly 30 new listeners each week. With a show on Tuesdays and a show on Thursdays it is a great labor of love to bring quality content to all who will listen. We have been especially honored to have interview guests such as Deek Diedriksen, Laura LaVoie, Macy Miller, Tammy Strobel, and so many others.

Right now we have guests lined up until the Christmas holidays and by new years we will be hosting a new format, new schedule, and new quality of recording.

But right now I want to share with you the upcoming schedule as it veers from our “standard.”

Tuesday, Oct. 16 – NO SHOW
Wednesday, Oct. 17 – guest: Celina Dill at 12pm EST
Thursday Oct. 18 – Normal broadcasting at 2:30pm EST
Tuesday, Oct. 23 – NO SHOW
Thursday, Oct. 25 – NO SHOW
Tuesday, Oct. 30 – NO SHOW
Thursday, Nov. 1 – Normal broadcasting at 2:30pm EST
Monday, Nov. 5 – guest: Ryan Mitchell at 11am EST

In the meantime though (and in preparation for our facelift) we are posting ALL archive shows as blog posts on www.tinyrevolution.us.

You can also subscribe to us on iTunes at http://bit.ly/UT7Juk .

Thank you for being part of such a dynamic community and please, sit back, and enjoy the show!

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