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Tammy On Life in 128 Square Feet and Beyond

the kids

My friend Tammy just got a special feature in a cool magazine and I wanted to share her original post with you. Enjoy! In June, an editor at Taproot Magazine asked me to write an essay about our tiny house experience for their readers. I was honored to be asked because I love Taproot’s work. […]

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Writing in the Digital Age

Tammy Strobel

A month or two ago I invited you to take part in Tammy Strobel’s photography course “Everyday Magic.” It was well received and quite a few of you signed up and learned a lot from it. Tammy contacted me the other day wondering if the Tiny House Blog readers would be interested in her writing […]

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Tammy Strobel and Everyday Magic

Everyday Magic

My passion for tiny houses is followed by another passion, photography. I often blend the two and the Tiny House Blog allows me to use both passions in a unique way. My good friend and fellow tiny house enthusiast Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kitten’s fame is also a photographer and a writer. She has brought […]

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