Toad Campers

NOTE: Unfortunately, as of March 2015, Toad Camper seems to have gone out of business. If you are interested in a similar trailer, the Small Trailer Enthusiast post on the Tiny House Blog may give you a few ideas.

The summer camping season is starting to heat up and for those Tiny House Blog visitors who are lamenting the loss of the tiny Retro Traveler, the Toad Camper is a nice and affordable alternative to the ultra lightweight trailer. Toad Campers are built by hand in North Carolina with the best American-made products and can be towed by most 4-cylinder vehicles. What I thought was a typo, was that the campers start out at $2,999 for a basic streamlined weekend trailer.


The company offers four basic models: the Micro, Micro XL, Tadpole, and 20-foot Bull Frog. Each of these models have very flexible floor plan arrangements including small bathrooms with showers, full or queen beds or bunk beds. They also come with the following features:

  • Heavy duty axle with bearing buddies
  • Insulated frame
  • 13″ Radial tires
  • Laminate flooring
  • Various color choices
  • Microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner and flat-screen TVs
  • Wash station or full kitchen
  • Central roof vent
  • Durable rubber roof

The Toad Camper company also offers their trailers as rentals so you can test drive their different sized options. They also build custom trailers for just about any other kind of use including kayak trailers, refreshment trailers and restroom trailers. Continue reading

Tiny House in a Landscape

This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape comes from Beth Morgan. Here is what Beth has to say about her Tiny Home.

I wanted to share with you a picture of my little house. The last owner moved it log-by-log from a neighboring county and erected it on 1 acre of woods. We bought it about 12 years ago. It was his understanding that the cabin is about 150 years old. It has been our dream to renovate it to the point that it can be comfortably lived in, and retire there. If things come together, that may happen in the spring.

Over the years, I have mainly used it as my little get-away. It is soothing to my soul. I’d love to know what you think.

cabin in the fall

Cabin in the Fall

Cabin in the Winter

Cabin in the Winter

Cabin in the Summer

Cabin in the Summer



River Guide Tiny Houses

This last summer, my husband and I took a three day whitewater rafting trip on the South Fork of the American River in central California. This area of the state has a culture of its own. While the mountains and the coast have the ski and surf bum, the American River is home to the seasonal river guide. Many of these river guides come from all over the country to raft and kayak one of the most popular rivers in the West and they live from May to October in a hodgepodge of dwellings.

The river guides we rafted, ate and played in the water with lived in tents at nearby campgrounds, in temporary buildings on land leased by various rafting companies or in VW buses in the parking lot. One of the guides even lived the entire summer in a hammock strung up between two live oak trees. The guides used the campground bathrooms and showers and cooked in outdoor kitchens. Around the river, and in the massive, thorny blackberry bushes these free spirits squat in what might seem like terrible living conditions, but what they see as the best way to experience the river. Continue reading

Yurt Lady: Living in the Round

Happy Independence Day! With summer fully upon most of the country, let’s celebrate one of the best tiny houses for enjoying the outdoors. We’ve covered numerous yurts in the past, but Becky Kemery a.k.a.”The Yurt Lady” and her book, Yurts: Living in the Round, shows how these structures can be comfortable and elegant while still letting in the outdoors.

Becky has lived in yurts for many years in the mountains of the American Northwest. Her book was completed a few years ago while living in her own portable fabric yurt on a permaculture homestead in Idaho. She has also created an educational website called Yurt Info, a newsletter and a Facebook page for other yurt owners and fans of the wood and fabric buildings. The Yurt Info site offers information on how to buy or build a yurt, and includes a forum and links to numerous yurt videos and photo albums. Continue reading

Brittany’s Bayside Bungalow for Rent

I am excited to announce that Brittany will be offering her tiny bungalow for rent this summer. Here is what Brittany has to say:

Would you like to try on a tiny house? This summer, I am happily turning my tiny house into a tiny “tester” home for people interested in building and living tiny. I would love to host you in my bungalow this summer.

The Bayside Bungalow is located in Olympia, Washington, in a rural setting on a waterfront lot overlooking the Puget Sound.

To get the full details visit the For Rent page.