Yo! Home: Part High Tech Module, Part Lotus Flower


Simon Woodroff, founder of the YOTEL chain of affordable airport and city center hotels has now forayed into the land of tiny module apartments with a twist. The YO! Home is a Japanese inspired apartment with high tech space saving options. Continue reading

Zip Classic Black Friday Sale

One of my favorite tiny house pre-fab design companies, Cabin Fever, is having a Black Friday sale on their stylish Zip Classic cabin. The Zip is a 120 square foot one-room structure that normally costs $12,500, but is being sold November 23-29, 2013 for only $9,900. The Zip building package comes delivered complete with everything required to build a tiny space.


The insulated wall sections of this cabin come assembled and are easy to bolt together with a few helpers. The building includes a raised foundation with steel brackets and 3/4 inch plywood floors, a 8 foot wide glass sliding door and two windows, 3 inch insulated roof panels with trim and solid wood beams on metal columns, wood paneled interior walls and vinyl tile floors and all the hardware necessary to put the house together. The Zip also has a 12×16 ft front porch made with 1×6 inch planks.

The Zip falls into the category of tiny homes that are permit exempt in most localities and this tiny building can be turned into a guest house, artist studio, yoga room or full-time tiny home. Multiple Zips can also be placed next to each other to create a larger dwelling.



 Photos by Cabin Fever

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]



Sarah House Project

Named after a San Francisco sculptor who could not afford a permanent place to live in her expensive city, the Sarah House Project in Salt Lake City, Utah is one man’s attempt to build an affordable home out of castoff shipping containers.


Sara Putnam, (the “h” for the project had already been added to a banner advertising the building) who recently died from cancer was living at an artists’ colony at the Hunter Point Naval Shipyards — where she wasn’t supposed to be sleeping. Her friend, Jeffrey White is building a 672 square foot home out of two 8×40-foot shipping containers. While visiting the Naval shipyards one night, White noticed dock workers unloading containers and thought about turning the big metal boxes into homes. The Sarah House Project has been funded by grants, donations and money raised by Jeffrey’s custom made funeral urns. He said in a recent Salt Lake City news report that his small, custom urns take up less space below ground, just as he hopes his home will take up less ground — above the ground.


The home will have a combination living room, dining and kitchen, a bathroom and bedroom and a day room. Jeffrey had originally put a 40-foot container on his driveway and started converting it into a house, but ran into trouble with city officials. Now the home is being built on some land procured by a local nonprofit, the Crossroads Urban Center, and when completed, will be sold to a low income family or couple.

Jeffrey estimates the cost of the project, including the land, at $108,000 – $115,000. This, he says, is close to the cost of a conventional home and is higher than he expected, but White hopes he’ll be able to bring those numbers down in future.

“I would love this house to come somewhere in the $60,000 – $75,000 range,” White said.


Photos courtesy of the Sarah House Project


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

Tiny Offices on Urban Roots Farm

On a lot in back of a former motel, there is a farm. And on that farm there are some tiny offices…okay…I won’t sing “E-I-E-I-O”, but the structures being built on the Urban Roots Farm in Reno, Nev. are worth tooting a few horns about. Urban Roots is currently being created as an educational farm and community center where schools, children and families can learn about gardening, alternative building techniques and the natural areas of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Range. The farm sits on a 3/4 acre plot that was donated by Kelly Rae and Pam Haberman of HabeRae Homes (which the Tiny House Blog profiled a few years ago). Kelly and Pam also designed two tiny structures to be used as offices for the Urban Roots staff.

Kelly is unofficially calling the two building designs ModPods. She and Pam were inspired by some similar structures they came across while traveling by motorcycle on Orcas Island, Wash.

“I nearly went off the road on my bike when I saw these tiny houses,” Kelly said. Continue reading

Tiny House in a Landscape

This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape comes to us from the little country of Ireland. I had the privilege of visiting Ireland last summer and it is one of the greenest places I have ever seen.

Known as the Irish Vernacular this home was built in the traditional style of the area. The website gives you information for inspiration to build your own tiny/small home. This one was built for 25,000 euros and took around fifty days to build. Built with the help of friends, family, and neighbors and some professional help as well. Check out interior photos and construction photos at their website: http://www.irishvernacular.com/

Irish Vernecular