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A Simple New Year, Free of Clutter and Stress

A Simple New Year, free of clutter and stress: Tiny Transition and Downsizing is Open for Registration New year’s intentions? resolutions? goals? Here’s one that you can actually stick to, and feel good about it: “I want to live a simpler, smaller life.” What if this year you could… Clear your space and mind of […]

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Where Will I Put All My Stuff?


By Michelle Boyle If you’re a Tiny House Enthusiast, you have no doubt heard about all the benefits of downsizing. And if you think about it purely from a logical standpoint, having less stuff means having less stuff to worry about, store, clean, pay for, and maintain. And that makes sense, right? Have you ever […]

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Tips for Transitioning to a Tiny House

storage closet under loft

by Jane Roarski There are plenty of advantages to living in small spaces: fewer possessions, reduced impact on the earth, and lower living expenses are just a few of them. More people are choosing to live more simply, and for some that means using the bare minimum of living space. While living in limited square footage […]

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