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I am excited to introduce a new site today called Tiny House News. When I started the Tiny House Blog I was the only one writing about tiny houses in the blog format. In the last few years the internet has come alive with many new blogs about tiny houses and people sharing there stories of building their own tiny houses.

I have wanted to add a feature on the Tiny House Blog that would show off these blogs but have not been able to find anything that did it justice. Recently I discovered a way to create a news type blog that uses the RSS feeds to connect to many of these blogs and I have created a site called Tiny House Newshttp://tinyhousenews.info/

My goal with this new site is to give you one place to get a snapshot of what is happening daily in the tiny house world. You can quickly scan the page and click on a story you are interested in and you will go directly to that blog or news source.

I currently have the most popular blogs on the site but a neat feature with this site is that you can submit your own blogs RSS feed and I will check it out and then approve it. So please go check out the Tiny House News site and let me know what you think about it below. http://tinyhousenews.info/

Be sure and bookmark the site and check on it daily!

Tiny House News

Is it possible to live large in a small space?

by Katie Hawkins-Gaar

If you live in 500 square feet or less, we want to hear from you.

Hi Kent,

I wanted to let you know about an assignment we just launched on CNN iReport inviting people to share their photos and stories of living in small spaces. I figured it would be perfect for your audience and wanted to invite you to spread the word on the Tiny House Blog!

Here’s the assignment page: http://ireport.cnn.com/topics/814380

We’ll be collecting stories through mid-August and will feature some of the top ones in a CNN.com article and possibly on CNN TV. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information (and keep up the awesome work!).

Katie Hawkins-Gaar

tiny house in Colorado

Needed: Small House Stories and Photos

I want to start a feature of stories and photos of people living in what I call “small houses.” What I need from you, readers, are your stories and stories of friends or family living in homes or apartments or other structures that range from 250-1000 square feet. (more or less)

It would be nice to have photos of the exterior and interior of the homes as well. It’s always nice to be able to show how space is utilized. What works and what doesn’t work.

I would like to cover all type of homes from modern to the old homes that were built back in the early 1900’s. Also if a floor plan is available of a home it would be very useful!

To share your story please email tinyhouseblog @ gmail.com and attach photos and a writeup about your small home with the subject line “Small House Story.” Thank you for your help in covering this new feature!

Photo Credit Karen Delucas