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Alex’s Hovel

Alex lives in Northern Illinois and is building a hovel tiny house. The Hovel is a 481 cubic foot house, built from local stone and some salvaged materials. It is a very unique structure and I’m looking forward to seeing Alex complete it. Alex is trying to raise some funds to get the hovel winterized […]

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Ocean Cliffside Tiny House

bird house from patio

by Francis E.L. Watson Twenty-five years ago I purchased an ocean cliffside lot in a sleepy little pacific coast Mexican fishing village. The Idea was to slooooowly build the way the village locals do – as you can afford it! A couple of years went by and I married a tropical woman. We decided to […]

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Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is a beautiful old stone house in the mountains. The picture is a wall paper that David found and set to me. You can get the high resolution file for a wallpaper here. Unfortunately there is not any information about the photo so you will have to get […]

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