Little House on a Trailer

It’s a 12 foot wide home on wheels, but Stephen Marshall says his original house on a trailer isn’t a tiny home, but simply a little house.

The main living/working space feels more full-sized than the wee houses, but the kitchen is outfitted with a mini-sink and refrigerator and the bathroom uses an incinerating toilet ($2,000, no septic nor sewage hookup needed).

In this video, Marshall of Little House on the Trailer house company gives us a tour of his original small home on wheels.


The Human Scale of Tiny Homes

Stephen Marshall built his first tiny home as a way to afford his own home in the pricey San Francisco Bay Area. A few decades later, he designs and builds custom tiny homes for people who need extra space, live-in caregivers, home offices and even those breaking county laws and living in his tiny trailers.

In this video, Marshall of the Little House on the Trailer talks about building codes, DIY and tiny homes, the Tiny House Movement as a media event and how McMansions are the fad, but tiny houses are here to stay.

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Stephen’s Guest House

Update below

Stephen Marshall from the Little House on the Trailer has been really busy this year with orders for spare rooms, guest houses and sound studios among other things. He has also been involved in setting up his tiny structures with solar for off grid use.

Stephen just posted some pictures of a guest house he completed recently and I thought it came out beautifully and I figured you would enjoy seeing it too. Nice work Stephen, thanks for sharing.

I just got off the phone with Stephen and the size of the Guest House is 12 x 24, and the completed price as shown is $60,000. Not including furniture, etc. The little red stove is electrical bought by the owner, most likely at Lowes or Home Depot, he was not sure. Stephen says there is a huge amount of interest in this one, so if you are considering it get in touch with him. His contact information is on his website. Click Here. Be sure and mention you heard about it from the Tiny House Blog.

Guest House Exterior

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Little Cottage on Wheels for Sale

*** No Longer for Sale *** Yesterday, I was down visiting Stephen Marshall who owns Little House on the Trailer and he asked me to list one of his homes for sale on the Tiny House Blog.

You probably have noticed a few tiny houses for sale in the sidebar and I am excited that this is becoming a rather popular item and hopefully we will be showing more and more tiny houses as they become available. Unlike the other listings right now, this home is not a shell to be completed by you, but a ready to move in and live in cottage.

This cottage has beautiful reclaimed wood floors, and if you notice below the trim is missing in the photo it is because I shot this photo previous to Stephen having finished that little detail. It is completed now, I just did not get a photograph of it. Continue reading

Mini-spaces Fill Many Needs

Stephen Marshall of Little House on the Trailer who helped me develop the Sonoma Shanty Plans was recently featured in the Santa Rosa, Press Democrat.

The article Mini-spaces Fill Many Needs: Backyard getaway, office, playhouse, explains how Stephen has entered the world of mini-spaces and has created a business to fill this need.

Meg McConahey says Stephen builds heirloom-quality buildings that look like miniature houses, set on a foundation or on wheels. If you ever want to move, you can take it with you.


You imagine it and Marshall will build it. Just make sure your dreams are small — 120 square feet, to be exact. Marshall, a Petaluma-based veteran cabinetmaker and builder with 40 years’ experience, has turned his talents to making tiny houses. Continue reading