Tall Man’s Tiny House

Guest Post by Adam Leu

This past winter, my brother and I decided to try our hands at a tiny house build. With my skills as a builder and my brother’s as an artist and designer, we set out with a rough design and many things to learn. We began with a modified plan that was inspired by two of Michael Janzen’s solar house plans from tinyhousedesign.com. The final product is the beaming rustic modern tiny house you see above.

Our spacious tiny house began as a 20 ft trailer with dual #3500 axles that transported a lowly camper in days bygone. Painted and leveled, construction was ready to begin.

Tall Mans Tiny House

The now completed rustic modern home is 21ft long, cantilevered a foot off the back, and semi-divided into three seven-foot sections. The square footage is approximately 130 sq ft, not including the additional sleeping loft. It has a maxed out 8ft 6 in width and towering 13ft 3in height, with a folding deck and removable awning for travel. While the weight is yet to be determined, it is estimated at 5500 – 6000 pounds.

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Installing the Mattress in Bill’s Tiny Solar House

Last week I gave you a tour of Bill Brook’s tiny solar house. He was inspired and has started a series of videos as he completes his home. This is Bill’s first attempt and I think he did an excellent job. Bill shows how he prepares his loft area for the mattress he plans on sleeping on in his tiny home and than installs it. I look forward to seeing many more videos from Bill. Thanks for Bill for sharing your knowledge and skills.