Ideas for Living in Really Small Houses

by Mark Mathis

Interview with Kent Griswold of Tiny House Blog

Kent and I had a conversation that covers several different topics ranging from where the small house movement started, some smart ideas for living comfortably in a small home, items to consider when building a tiny house, some of the benefits of living in a smaller home, and much more…

  • Ideas for living comfortably in a smaller, space-efficient home.
  • Where the “tiny house” movement began and some of the benefits of living a pared down lifestyle.
  • How local building code restrictions may affect your choice to build a small house.
  • Where to find inspirational stories of other people who have actually built these type homes and why they did it.
  • Where to find a reputable small house builder in your local area.
  • Where to get ideas for your small house.

Plus a whole lot more!

Build Your Dream Home

Alaska Small House

It’s fun when family and friends get involved with the Tiny House Blog. My sister and her husband are up in Alaska on business and my brother-in-law Geoff saw this sign while traveling and snapped a photo with his iPhone and sent it to me. Here is what he says:

Shelley and I have been in Alaska the last few days. There appears to be lots of “small houses.” I saw this posted on a post office board and thought you might find it interesting. Geoff

Maybe someone up in Alaska will see this and turn it into their own small home.

Alaska small home for sale

Amy’s House Portraits

Last year I featured a tiny house artist and everyone seemed to enjoy the diversion. Amy Woodbury contacted me recently and shared with me her artistic take of tiny and small houses. I liked them so much I wanted to share them with you. I’ll let Amy tell you a little about herself and her art work.

I love to paint just about anything. Figures, landscapes, abstracts, you name it. What got me started with houses and other structures, both real and imagined, was a 400 sq. ft. rental cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on Lake Superior. It was the summer of 2007, my husband’s sabbatical year and we lived in cabin #4 for two whole weeks.

Cabin #4, the one that started it all



It was bliss: he worked on his music and I painted. It also dawned on us that the house we had back home in Illinois, was way more than we needed, 1800 sq. ft. So we drove to town, hooked up our laptop and began our small house search.

I’ll skip all the gruesome details about selling and buying in 2008 and jump right to the happy ending: an English Cottage, built in 1924 and just under 900 sq. ft. The house we were meant to have. Continue reading