Susan’s Bear Cabin

by Susan Stacy

I love the Tiny House Blog. I came across it a few years ago when I was looking to downsize and I fell in love with the “Tiny Texas Houses.” I dreamed of having one on my five acres one day here in Texas. I was looking through Craigslist one Saturday about two years ago and came across a small house to be moved.

I decided the idea was crazy at first, but kept going back to look at the picture house so I called to go see it. It is 400 sqare feet and sat in a pasture about a mile from where I grew up. I never noticed it although I passed it each day on the bus. I bought it and had it moved to where I live about 15 miles away.

old house


house now


I put a tin roof on, a porch, and painted barn red over the pepto bismal pink. I tore out a lot of stuff in the kitchen and bathroom, but left the upper kitchen cabinets, painted them, and removed the doors. The exterior doors were in bad shape so they had to go. I love living in my little “Bear Cabin” as I call it now since I have it decorated with bears inside!

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Camp Boucher Small Home

by Robin Boucher

Britt and I built our small house (the left one in the attached image) in 1983 while he attended Virginia Tech to study forestry and I taught art. Everyone thought we were crazy building such a small space, but it was perfect for us. It is 20 x 22 with a full walk-out basement, an open mail level and a 22 x 11 loft. We built as sustainably as possible, recycling, using local products, not overdoing, and building well. In 1993, we built the art studio (24 x 30) so I could work at home. Again, everyone thought we were nuts, this time for building another small house on our land. I didn’t want to work in my house and also I didn’t want to destroy the lovely landscape by building something that required heavy machinery in the woods. Over the years we have found that people who visit come from two camps…they either ask us right away if we plan to connect the buildings, or they think it is great just the way it is.

small home

About 5 years ago, when our children needed more space (as did their parents), we turned the studio into the “day house” relegating my art-making space into an 11 x 14 loft at the top of the spiral stairs in the studio and turning the downstairs into our daytime living space. Today the studio (Day House which is on the right in the photos) contains our living, dining, kitchen, pantry, my mini studio and bathroom. The Night House contains our bedrooms, a bathroom and in the basement my husband’s office and our laundry room.

When people ask how it is walking outside to our bedrooms (especially in rain or snow) I jokingly call it “Camp Boucher” where we are on vacation all year long. The nice thing about our design is the flexibility of space. As our space needs change we have been able to adapt every room to a new function (we removed the kitchen from the original house when we turned that space into a master bedroom…it was easy because it was rustic to begin with). The hard part about itis that the banks and mortgage companies hate it because there are no comparables and it is just plain different. We have avoided adding on and tried to make do with what we have. And it is a lovely place.

Robin Boucher

home at night

Home 3 September

Late Summer_Fall 2013 213 May _Day House_Studio013 053
Day House_Bathroom

Day House_kitchen from door

Day House_vertical kitchen

Day House_Woodstove

Living Room_Day House 034
September 2012 008 September 2012 017

Our Guest Cabin

by Jacquelien Wubs

We live in a very small house with 5 kids. My parents live 1200km away and like to come visit a couple of times a year. When we saw an advertisement for this (unfinished) cabin/shed the wheels started turning and the ideas began forming. What if we built a tiny guest house for mom and dad? Then we would no longer have to give up our own bedroom to sleep on the couch when they came! We put the idea to them and they loved it as much as we did!

guest cabin

We wanted them to have full bathroom facilities and a queen size bed (on the main floor). How much could we do with a 12 x 16 shell? We drew up floor plans multiple times until we came up with what we have now. Continue reading