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Odom family

Almost one year ago Tiny r(E)volution introduced a new concept in tiny house building; an e-Cours(E). With an enrollment of nearly 45 participants the course was enthusiastically received and proved to be a great alternative to those that couldn’t or didn’t want to attend a more traditional workshop on tiny houses. Spring 2014 is going strong now and summer vacations are looming large. Many are thinking that this is the time to begin their tiny house build. Because of such we present another term of Small Home. Big Life.

Small Home. Big Life., a four-week, self-guided course is designed to carry a person through the beginning stages of building a tiny house from the dreaming phase to the drying in of a tiny house.  It is even more than that though. Infused with personal experience and anecdote as well as guest interviews and stories, the month features detailed instructions, creative prompts, guest artists, and multi-media examples, that serve to inspire and educate.

But what makes us any different from all of the other wonderful courses, workshops, and tiny house opportunities out there? Well, nothing. There are some great resources flooding the tiny house market and that is because the tiny house is moving past infancy and developing a sophistication enjoyed by other architectural movements. It seems the word is getting out. Tiny living is truly a GRAND thing!

Just the other day on this very website Hari Berzins of the Tiny House Family said, “I am amazed by what happens when people come together in the spirit of community.” I couldn’t say it better. Crystal and I are amazed at the generosity of the Tiny r(E)volution community in letting us share our story and teach lessons we oftentimes learned the hard way. It isn’t always easy being transparent but it is always rewarding! You may be reading this right now thinking, “I’m ready to build. I want to move beyond just imagining it.” Then this e-Cours(E) is for you! Not only do you get a daily lesson in the form of a blog post in your email inbox, a full PDF of the course upon graduation, access to 24/7 tiny house conversation in a private Facebook group, but you also get access to the Tiny r(E)volution who

  • Has been successfully living as a family in a tiny house for over 1 year
  • Has experience not just in building but also in cultivating a community around a tiny house experience
  • Paid cash-on-the-barrel for our build and talk about that same aspect with others
  • Has lived legally in a tiny house
  • Has a strong ‘mano y mano’ component to the e-Cours(E)
  • Recently spoke at the Tiny House Conference in Charlotte, NC

We are so proud to offer this e-Cours(E).

To quote Teresa, a member of the first term class,

I just finished Andrew’s online class and hated for it to be over. He packed so much information in four weeks. He not only went through the construction process but brought up many topics that caused the learner to explore tiny home living and make well informed decisions. He was always accessible if you had a question either off or on topic. I highly recommend this class.

And as a SPECIAL gift to those who enroll for this third term each participant will receive a download link upon payment for a free copy of our book Your Message Here :: GAINING CORPORATE SPONSORS for your tiny house project.

PLEASE NOTE: This course does not cover electrical work, plumbing, interior design, or code/regulation specs.

Our next term starts on Memorial Day – May 26 and we want YOU to be part of the growing class. If you’d like to join us please read all about the e-Cours(E) and register here.


Gainesville Small Home

by Josh Steppling

Situated in a historic district, the 202 House had not been updated in over 50 years. The less than 700 square feet of space lacked sufficient natural lighting and hid its historic charm under decades of neglect. There were a lot of renovations needed to get this small, quaint home up-to-date, but it had a lot of potential and character that just needed to be brought to life.

Exterior Before

Exterior Before

Exterior After

Exterior After

Photography by Trimark Properties

The first order of business was to restore those historic features. Shelves and built-in nooks from the house’s original construction in 1920 were recovered to accentuate the property’s historic appeal. The original hardwood floors were sanded, stripped, and covered in stain and polyurethane.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Bathroom After

The kitchen and bathroom floors were the two spaces that didn’t have much that could be salvaged. Flooring in these rooms was replaced with a reclaimed ceramic stone tile. The bathroom was gutted to include a pedestal sink and a new shower with tile-surround. We had the entire kitchen stripped. We removed the drywall, the flooring, the counter-tops, the cabinetry—much of the wood had decayed and everything had to go. New appliances and plumbing framework allowed for the kitchen to lend a historic-luxury attractiveness. Space had to be created for a microwave and dishwasher. A testament to the property’s maturity, these appliances weren’t invented when the house was first built. Granite counter tops and custom wood cabinetry gave the bathroom and kitchen a rustic and inviting appeal.

Bedroom Before

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Bedroom After

The goal in this small home was maximized livability. The thesis for this project was that you don’t need more square footage to create a comfortable, engaging living space, and the results speak for themselves.

Entry Before

Entry Before

Entry After

Entry After


Living Room - Kitchen Before

Living Room – Kitchen Before

Living Room - Kitchen After

Living Room – Kitchen After

Roten Small Home Retreat Update

by Paul and Shari Roten

I covered the Rotens “Ideabox” inspired Small Home back in December of 2012 and they recently sent me an update to share with you.

We’ve had a crazy few months, but wanted to share some of our news! Mother’s Day was spent moving into a 29ft camper on our 10 acres within a hundred feet or so from our future home.  We left our management position due to Shari’s injury, so once again, it was time to start anew. And what a place to start!

We spent a couple days getting things organized in the camper and in our future home as we had no other storage building. Then the raised beds were built from 4x4s and we got our gardens planted! Food is always nice to have, especially when you’re roughing it.


We’ve been blessed by Paul’s new job just 15 miles away where he can utilize his skills and gifts. And we also now have the Camas center where we can get refreshed every day. The hot tub is pretty awesome too for the injury and other aches and pains.

On to the house! We’ve dealt with building codes and inspections, have had a few corrections to address, but up to this point, its been a cash jo with no debt. That’s HUGE to us. However, when you live in extreme NE WA, you have to be prepared for winter. A trailer for two plus three Boxers, one with pups on the way, isn’t going to cut it. We endured much stress as the bank account allowed just enough to cover a few bills each month and we’ve done some creative cooking thanks to Dollars and Deals!

digging for the sunroom

We’ve had an incredible angel come into our lives. We asked for guidance, and he made a proposal AND told us “I believe in you”. It was one of the most humbling and emotional moments we can think of in our lives. We are truly blessed. It is amazing how things work when you take the high road and do the right things on life.

We have a plumber, an electrician, a sheetrock installer and painter in the wings!
Just past our septic test hole inspection with FLYING colours so its on to approval of the design, then installation! That’s a huge hurdle!

We have paint colours chosen, our tile stocked, and plan to hit IKEA on Saturday to pick up all our kitchen cabinets! They are our favorite!

Our 5th anniversary is November 21st, so the plan is to be in and hosting an open house by then!

getting ready for the sunroom





roof framing


Small Home. Big Life. Second Term

There are only a couple of weeks left to register for the highly anticipated, second term of ‘Small home. Big life. ’ An e-Cours(E) being offered by Andrew Odom in conjunction with Tiny r(E)volution, the month long, self-paced, online environment/course teaches planning and building a tiny house trailer. Designed to carry you through the beginning stages of building a tiny house starting with the dreaming phase and continuing through the drying in of a tiny house, the course infuses Odom’s personal experiences with detailed instructions, creative prompts, and multi-media, to inspire and educate you. NOTE: This course does not cover electrical work, plumbing, interior design, or code/regulation specs.

Small Home. Big Life. Icon

Andrew Odom recently sat down to answer a few questions about the e-Cours(E) and how he hopes it will offer a new avenue to tiny house enthusiasts.

Q: Why an online course? Isn’t building a house something that needs to be addressed hands-on?
A: Well, it is, yes. Hands on for anything is always the best route to go. However, there are a number of enthusiasts who – and lets face it – will never build a tiny house. But they want to know how. They want to know how to start. They want to know what goes in to it so they can better understand the movement. A course like we’ve written offers them a safe glimpse into building a tiny house and may even allow them to find ways to alter their current living situation so that it is less taxing, more controlled, more sustainable, and ultimately more enjoyable.

Q: What can participants expect in regards to the community that usually gets created at other workshops?
A: The Small Home cours(E) has a Facebook private group component that has proven to be an amazing resource. It allows a safe place for people to share ideas, discourse on various topics, and discuss assignments. It is also a place to just dream together, laugh together, and support one another.
Q: How does this differ from the several weekend workshops already available to people?
A: No travel expense. No time off work. No lodging arrangements. Small Home is self-paced. You learn as you want and there is no pressure to do this or do that. I will say though that like other workshop Small Home does have several “guest artists” that are introduced throughout the course including Dan Louche, Deek D., Sarah Myers, and Macy Miller!

The first term of the course was attended by several people already steeped in their own tiny house project. Kacie Erickson of TreadingTINY took the course. Merete Mueller (Producer, Director, and Writer of TINY: the movie) took the course. In fact, says Mueller,

“I would recommend the Tiny r(E)volution e-course to anyone who is thinking about tackling a tiny house build of their own. Andrew Odom is not only a major force in the tiny house community, but also an experience DIY tiny house builder. The course goes through many of the building steps in great detail, and includes vital information that those of us without construction experience might otherwise miss. Building a tiny house without construction experience is a great adventure and I would highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they might like to give it a try…but it’s always nice to have a little support from someone who knows what they are doing.”

Seats are filling up quickly so to reserve your place visit and register today.

Cost is usually $90 payable through PayPal but for Tiny House Blog readers there is a special discount. Until August 23, enrollment will only be $75 (a full $15 off as our way of saying thank you for your support!)

Odom Tiny House

Small Home. Big Life.

What an exciting day!

After nearly three months of plotting, planning, writing, editing, re-writing, and planning some more, Andrew Odom, tiny house dweller and ½ of Tiny r(E)volution, is pleased to announce the launch of their first e-Cours(E).

Called “Small home. Big life.” this four-week, self-guided course is designed to carry you through the beginning stages of building a tiny house. Beginning with the dreaming phase and continuing through the drying in of a tiny house, the course infused my personal experiences with detailed instructions, creative prompts, guest artists, and multi-media, to inspire and educate you. NOTE: This course does not cover electrical work, plumbing, interior design, or code/regulation specs.

Says Odom, “For some time it has bothered me that while there are a plethora of wonderful tiny house workshops out there including those sponsored by Deek and Relaxshacks, Tiny House Talk and Dan Louche, and the Tumbleweed gang, they all required a significant investment including admission fee, travel, time off, etc. I longed for an offering that would allow the dream/builder/designer to stay at home, spend a minimum amount of money, yet learn a significant amount.”

Odom is no stranger to the modern tiny house movement either. Having started out with his wife in late 2009 researching and trying to understand the plight of the tiny house, he has recently finished construction and moved in to (along with his wife and twenty-month old daughter) to their 240 square foot tiny house trailer.

Odom Family

Covered over the last three years in Kitchen Drawer magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Macon Telegraph, on iCNN, the Huff Report, TreeHugger, and more industry-focused websites such as Tiny House Talk, Tiny House Blog, and Tiny House Swoon, the Tiny r(E)volution couple and house is a great example of the full building process.


The next course begins Monday June 24, 2013 and ends Sunday July 21, 2013 but since it is self-paced you can take as little time as you want on a specific lesson or as much time. If you miss a day or simply want to take a break, that is okay.


When asked who can and who should take the e-Cours(E) Odom is quick to point out, “Small home. Big life. is opened to any one that dreams of a tiny house and just isn’t sure where to begin, how to begin, or what to expect, etc. It is a lot of information but is just what you need to get started on the right foot on Day One!”

If you have a computer (or similar device), Internet access, and a love for tiny houses, then you are eligible.

How much?

The cost for the four-week course and all the materials involved is only $85 per person. Payable through PayPal you can register and pay tuition on this page. Click Here!


If you have any questions regarding the course, please email Andrew Odom directly at andodom[at]gmail[dot]com.

Andrew Odom is an author, designer, community manager, neo-homesteader, and dreamer. Together with his wife Crystal he started Tiny r(E)volution not to be a movement or a political rallying point but rather a way of keeping his head clear and his vision focused as he tried to build a home for his family. He set out to create a site that would showcase the entire process of a tiny house; from conceptualizing to building to living! Andrew has become increasingly passionate about tiny houses and small homes and their ability to reshape the world environmentally, fiscally, and creatively.