Live Simple Site Matches Tiny House Owners with Adventure Seekers

Brevard-TinyHouse-Live SImple

Do you want to just try out a tiny house for a few nights or meet up with other tiny house enthusiasts? The website, Live Simple, matches up tiny house owners with people who want to try out a small space. The site also features a tiny house community and tiny homes for sale. They run the gamut from THOW to teardrop trailers.


While still in the early stages, the site (like Airbnb for tiny spaces) only features homes under 500 square feet as well as campers and other tiny recreational options. The owner, Brendan Rempel started Live Simple as a fun way to connect with the tiny house community. After graduating from college with a mountain of debt, he quickly learned to live simply and lives primarily out of two duffle bags during his travels as a minor league hockey player. Continue reading

Tiny House Jamboree Sale

tiny house jamboree

I just had the greatest experience with thousands of tiny house enthusiasts at the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Those who came were given a special offer on the Tiny House Magazine just for being there. I want to extend the special offer to those who were not able to make it to Colorado. You to can save 25% on a one year PDF subscription and also on all the previous PDF magazines also simply by going to this special link.

The Jamboree sale ends on September 3, 2015 so don’t miss out.

Here is the link

25% sale

Mini 12 Gray Stove Sale

MINI 12 Gray Stoves


July 10, 2015 at 6 pm EST

We are offering the absolute BEST price on our MINI 12 CT Cook top Survival stove. Only $870 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.

We’re building them at our cost to keep our Vets working through the summer.

These amazing stoves are built by hand 100% in America by Veterans and feature clean burn technology.

Perfect for small spaces (sheds, camps, campers, RV’s, tiny homes, cold rooms.) they measure 14 x 14 x 21 inches tall and burn 9 inch wood and charcoal. They also make a great fireplace insert.

We’re also adding heavy side HEAT SHIELD and a fire tool. PLUS, you can save an additional $20 when you call with your information because we save on credit processing fees and pass the savings to you.

The MINI 12 will last 50 years and is heavy welded and fire bricked on 5 sides and weighs 115 pounds.

This tiny stove will heat 800 square feet and less, puts out 12,000 btu/hr with hardwoods.
The MINI uses a 3″ stack pipe.

Because of it’s small size, it’s perfect for older or physically challenged people who can’t maintain a large wood- burner with big heavy firewood.

PLEASE SHARE if you know someone who needs one to stay warm this winter.
Our story and information is at our website

We have several videos on YouTube also.

CALL PAM and LLOYD GRAY to reserve one of these unique stoves.

814-787-4217 or visit our website.

please allow 8 weeks delivery as they take a long time to build and THANK YOU for supporting USA and Veteran made!

MINI 12 Front

MINI 12 Front

MINI 12 Back

MINI 12 Back

Tiny Craftsman House for Sale in Nevada

It might be something in the water, but my hometown of Reno, Nevada is becoming a hotbed for tiny houses. The latest tiny home is this beauty for sale on Craigslist. The home was built by Mitchell Mast and Nicholette Codding of the blog, Our First Tiny Home. They downsized from a 1,000 square foot home to this 230 square foot home, but have recently put it up for sale for $65,000. Continue reading

Sing Core SIP Sale and Free Book

The Sing Core company, and builders of the Sing Tiny House, are having a clearance sale on their reinforced structural insulated panels and are also giving away a free book on tiny houses, “Sing a Song of Tiny House“, about the tiny house “rebellion” and the benefits of their lightweight panels.


The structural panels are on sale for $128 each and are being sold in minimum packs of 20. The panels can be used to construct all four sides of an average tiny house on wheels. Each panel is 4×8 feet and 1.5 inches thick and are fully insulated. The sale is good until the end of February 2015.



The benefits of panels include high strength (they have been tested at 660 PSI), an R-value of 6.5 per square inch and they are lightweight. They are also easy and quick to build with. The walls, floor and roof of Sing Tiny Homes are built in less than four hours. The company also construct custom panels made of wood, plywood, aluminum, metal and cement board.

If you have a specific size tiny house in mind, the company also sells various kits that are currently being offered to the Tiny House Community for 50 percent off. Sizes include 8×8 feet, 8×12 feet, 8×16 feet, 8×20 feet and 8×24 feet.


Photos by Sing Core

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]