Tiny Floating Homes: Hullabaloo


Meet Ron and Jackie Skelton, a young Midwestern couple that had the typical American life; work, a house, cars, some travel, and even the dog.

Take a few minutes to read their story, told by Jackie, and find out why they ‘left it all’ for a tiny floating home out on the big blue and beyond! Continue reading

Refrigeration in a Tiny Floating Home

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Refrigeration in a tiny floating home is an essential part of our systems.  Most liveaboard boats are equipped with refrigeration, though some are not. Some people simply store food with a cooler packed with ice. Where I like to travel, ice doesn’t last long so it was an easy decision to place value in outfitting the boat with an efficient refrigerator and freezer. Continue reading

Tuning In

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On land, I used to come home from work, walk inside my cozy house, and close the door behind me shutting out the entire outside world. It didn’t matter if it was raining cats and dogs or sizzling the pavement with that hot Californian sun. My climate-controlled cozy house was completely isolated.

Living in a tiny floating home has since got me tuning in to my senses on a daily basis in a way I never even imagined. I rely on my five senses to keep me safe, to keep me comfortable, and to bring me joy in the simplest of forms. Continue reading

Airing Our Dirty Laundry

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Literally, of course! Well, after it’s been washed. You won’t find any juicy details here. Living in a tiny floating home has certain challenges, such as doing laundry.

Once upon a time I lived in a 4,000 square foot house with a brand new front-load high efficiency washing machine and matching dryer. You know, those massive machines that are so silent you don’t even know they’re on. There were so many settings I had to read the manual to figure out how it all worked. Boy do I miss those machines. Continue reading

Tiny Floating Homes: ASANTE

Haven and Mira First Birthday-4

Back when Peter and I first started talking about buying a boat I would come home from work every evening and spend countless hours scouring the internet for all the advice I could get. I would look at boats for sale and I would indulge in the dreamy sailing photos on Pinterest. It wasn’t long before I stumbled on a series of pins bookmarking Sailing and Cruising Blogs. Blogs? I had no idea what a blog even was at that point.

Boy was I in trouble.  The next few months I probably didn’t sleep more than a couple hours every night. I found dozens of blogs about people who had sold everything, quit their jobs and sailed off into the sunset. I was most intrigued by the blogs I found about young families about my age that were living in these tiny floating homes with small children. On a boat. In the ocean. And they were having the time of their lives!! After spending a few weeks with my new hobby, I had a pretty good grasp on who the biggest cruising bloggers were at the time. If you know anything about sailing and cruising blogs, chances are you’ve heard of WINDTRAVELER. Continue reading