“McMansion of Tiny Houses” Built by Woodshop Class

Eric John Jacobs is already living his dream job: as a river guide on the Rogue River near Ashland, Ore. He also has his dream home to take with him—built by him and a high school woodshop class. Eric had seen other river guides living out of vans or trailers, but he knew he wanted something a little more comfortable for his seasonal work.


“I like to balance myself between idealism and realism,” Eric said. “This is kind of a big tiny house, but I didn’t want to live in it for only two years or six months and realize it was not for me.”

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River Guide Tiny Houses

This last summer, my husband and I took a three day whitewater rafting trip on the South Fork of the American River in central California. This area of the state has a culture of its own. While the mountains and the coast have the ski and surf bum, the American River is home to the seasonal river guide. Many of these river guides come from all over the country to raft and kayak one of the most popular rivers in the West and they live from May to October in a hodgepodge of dwellings.

The river guides we rafted, ate and played in the water with lived in tents at nearby campgrounds, in temporary buildings on land leased by various rafting companies or in VW buses in the parking lot. One of the guides even lived the entire summer in a hammock strung up between two live oak trees. The guides used the campground bathrooms and showers and cooked in outdoor kitchens. Around the river, and in the massive, thorny blackberry bushes these free spirits squat in what might seem like terrible living conditions, but what they see as the best way to experience the river. Continue reading

I’m Selling my Tiny Cabin on a River in Oregon

by Travis Moles

Hello all

Going up for sale in August 2012.

Tiny Cabin on a River, one hour West of Portland, Oregon.

Reasons That Might Persuade:

  • It’s on a coastal river in Oregon that has a Salmon Run!
  • It’s located smack in the coastal range, in a landscape dominated by wildness.
  • There is a forest maintained hiking trail within walking distance.
  • There is a wild river located a few miles away (river with no road along it -very rare in the US).
  • There is a mountain lake located a few miles away with a healthy fish population.
  • There is nothing but forest in every direction, except for my AWESOME neighbors upstream, which I can’t really even see from the cabin.
  • The property is small, yet there are a multitude of places inside and out to nestle oneself with the main presence always being that of the river.
  • Alternative construction process: It’s built modular with as much recycled and local materials as I could scrounge (more details in building section). I used a vegetable oil powered truck to acquire materials and haul them there.
  • 5 miles away is a small general store with everything from food and wireless internet to pipe fittings and gas/diesel. There’s good cell service there. It’s nice to be able to go to the cabin and have a focused removed time, with the option to leave and check up on any real world commitments if need be. I like that I have to leave the cabin to do this.

Max’s Cabin in Washington

Guest Post by Max Magick

I bought my property in early May 2011. One third of an acre in a town in Pend Oreille County https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pend_Oreille_County, Washington for $13,000. I am only about 500 yards away from the beautiful Pend Oreille River, but do not have a view of the river.

I had my cabin bulit in May/June of 2011 while I was clearing the property which had an old and dirty shed on it. My builder was Joseph Birky of Birky’s Better Built Barns LLC based in Clayton, WA. Here his website: http://local.yahoo.com/info-63959343-birky-s-better-built-barns-llc-clayton I highly recommed him and his work.

The cabin is 10ft wide and 20ft long, has a 6ft porch, a 10 X 14 ft living space and two 10 X 6 ft sleeping lofts reached by custom built wood ladder. The cabin is a 2 X 6 construction, is R-21 insulated in the walls and ceilings, and is finished with cedar inside with a 3/4 inch redwood laminate flooring. The floor is insulated as well. Continue reading