The Smallest House in Great Britain

by Katie Davies

In Conwy (a small town on the North coast of Wales) there is a building which claims to be the smallest house in Great Britain. It’s known as the Quay House and stands at only 10 feet 2 inches tall with a floor area of only 10 by 6 feet. It has been occupied since the 16th century, but is now only used as a tourist attraction. I include a picture of me outside the house for scale. I am only 5 feet 3 inches tall and had to stoop slightly to enter the door. Amazingly the last resident of the house was a foot taller than me, 6 feet 3 inches, little wonder then that he abandoned it!

There’s more information on the smallest house on the Conwy Castle website Britain.html

Thanks so much for the very entertaining blog, I especially like the ‘Tiny House in a Landscape’ feature, always such beautiful pictures!

smallest house in britain